My Screen freezes now and again

  Greengo 09:01 01 Jun 2006

When i'm logged to windows and just working or browsing the net, now and again my screen freezes and the only way i can get it to work is to switch the computer off and re-start it.
Last night it froze again and i couldn't get it to come back on even when i turned it off. Ther were no bleeps codes sounds, i had to reseat the memory before the computer came back on. Can anyone offer an explaination and a resolution to my problem?


  Tabvla 09:23 01 Jun 2006

Random occurences like this are sometimes difficult to diagnose. Often the best way is to go through a process of elimination.

So here are some suggestions:

1. Update your AV and SpyWare scanners. Then do an indepth scan (NOT the quick-scan), firstly with the AV scanner and then the SpyWare. You should use at least 3 SpyWare scanners (e.g. Ad-Aware, Windows Defender, Search & Destroy).

2. Disconnect the PC from the mains. Attach a grounding strap to your wrist and to a metal part of the PC. Blow or vacuum out any dust. Reseat all of the following: RAM, Video Card, Sound Card, "other" cards, all cables, all connectors.

3. Check that the video cable running from your PC to the monitor is firmly connected at both ends and is not damaged.

4. Ensure that the video cable and the power cable to the monitor DON'T run parallel to each other. (Even though the video cable is screened it is still not advisable to run a power cable in parallel. Electro-magnetic fields don't always behave like the text books say they should!!)

5. If the problem persists try to determine if you are doing something specific when it happens.

Let us have your feedback :)

  ?. 09:52 01 Jun 2006

Do not vacuum the dust out!! The static from it will wreck you machine.!

The best bet is to get a dry air can from a computer shop. Use this to get rid of the dust.

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