My Samsung Galaxy Tab S will not turn on.

  Alex Perez 13:32 27 Jan 2018

The only window I get is when I press HOME + POWER + VOLUME DOWN. Then it gives me 2 options; volume up for custom OS installation or volume down to restart the tablet. When I press volume up it just stays in the "downloading" screen. When I press volume down, it shuts off and does nothing. Any ideas how to fix my tablet? Thank you.

  I am Spartacus 02:02 28 Jan 2018

Have a go at using Samsung Kies to restore the OS. It's pretty straightforward but you do need the serial no. which should hopefully still be on a sticker on the back.

I've used this and Smart Switch to reinstall the OS on a few Samsung phones and a couple of Tablets. Put you exact model number into google to find which version of Kies you need to use although you may be lucky and find that Smart Switch is available for your particular Tablet.

Also, if the Tablet is still under 2 years old you may be able to get it fixed under warranty although after experiencing the monkeys that Samsung contract out the job to you'd be far better doing it yourself.

  garryjoshi 19:52 28 Jan 2018

I suggest you watching this video really helpful - click here Usually when my Tab doesn't turn on I plug in the charging cable, hold on the power button and it boots up without any issue.

  KEITH 1955 09:48 29 Jan 2018

when you get your tablet up and running do a factory reset and then log onto your google play account with the same details you are using now , you will see all the apps you have ever used in the libray tab in google play tap the 3 lines in top left , as for games you have been using , when you reinstall them you will eventually be asked if you want to use the version you are stating or a previous install , it will show a previous version tab.... as for the buttons themselves will will know the long button is for volume and the short one for power on/off..... btw i have an old tab 3 that powers up quickly but on my new 10" tab 6a i have to hold the power button in for longer...... before you re-install loads of apps i would suggest you play around a bit to see if the problems you have now re-occour.

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