Is my router dying?

  Alf58 23:31 21 May 2007

I have a Belkin 54g Router. I have "Up to 8mb broadband" with BT and normally get a connection speed of 6400 kbps. Over last week or so, the speed has been decreasing untill now it is just over 2000 kbps. I have restarted it, switched filters and connected direct to the test socket, indeed it is currently connected to the test socket and will remain so for three days so I can give BT the line statistics.

If a Router was on its last legs what would the symptoms be? I'm wondering if it is my router rather than the line that is causing this slowing down. I've had the router about 2 and a half years. Any ideas?

  woodchip 23:45 21 May 2007

Phone line's can and do degrade in quality

  hzhzhzhz 23:54 21 May 2007

"Is my router dying?"

probably affected by dangerous human brain waves.

  Alf58 00:01 22 May 2007

Thanks for the reply Woodchip. We shall see what BT come up with. I was just wondering what one should expect if a router was reaching the end of its working life.

  ashdav 00:10 22 May 2007

try disconnecting the power to it for a couple of minutes.
When it reconnects you will have a new ip address on the internet and this will very often reapply all your speeds.
How do you know your speed is down to 2000kbps?

  ashdav 00:12 22 May 2007

It's also a feature of "up to 8Mb" broadband that you will get variation in speed.
It will vary on the time of day in particular.
You will be using a connection along with other people so the traffic is shared between you.

  Alf58 00:17 22 May 2007

I know my speed is down to around 2000kbps by going onto the routers home page where amongst other things it displays connection speed. Also going on the BT test site gives you line speed, throughput, IP profile etc.

I have disconnected the power for a minute or two and invariably when I reconnect the speed is either the same or slower. My slowest was 1880 kbps which for a line that used to report a solid 6400kps is a joke. With speeds like that i might as well go back to a fixed 2meg Broadband package and save myself a few quid.

  Alf58 00:20 22 May 2007


I have had my "Up to 8Mb" broadband package for about a year and up until the last couple of weeks I had a steady 6400 line speed with some small variations but nothing like as slow as I am getting now. This is why I believe there is a fault somewhere. I am pretty close to the local exchange which is why I was hetting 6400kbps.

  ashdav 00:28 22 May 2007

Is the BT test this one click here
This gives you the actual physical capabilities of your line to the exchange.
If this reports speed of 2M then you have a physical problem with your line.
If it reports a speed around 6-7M then the problem is with your isp.
May be worth checking with your isp (by phoning them) what your speed is shown on their records.

  ashdav 00:30 22 May 2007

If your router is reporting a speed of 2M then your line speed has been reduced.
Complain to your isp.

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