Is my RAM 128 or 256Mb??

  kelemvor 16:59 11 Apr 2007


I'm looking to sell some RAM that I pulled out of a non-working PC that I had, but I'm not quite sure if it's 128 or 256 Mb. I have done a search on the web using the 'serial' code on the chips, but I have found conflicting answers.

The ram is pc133 (168 pin) by infineon and the code is - hyb3912800ct-7.5

can anyone tell me what size memory this is??


  sean-278262 17:04 11 Apr 2007

what make and model of pc is it?

  kelemvor 17:09 11 Apr 2007

It 'used to be' an advent pc (bought from dixons) a few years back. 1gig athlon chip - can't recall the motherboard make sorry.

I've just noticed that on the line after the serial code it says C2 (I think this may be part of the serial code)

  sean-278262 17:18 11 Apr 2007

Are there any other markings on any of the chips. I was hoping we could work out if the motherboard supported a maximum chip size and that help identify them.

  kelemvor 17:30 11 Apr 2007

Ok, the max for the motherboard as I recall was 1 gig - I recall upgrading to that size, but can't recall what size I upgraded from. It was a while ago after all.

The only markings are:
1 - the info that I posted above
2 - name infineon
3 - Each chip has one of these on it - EEE 26288, EEE 26094, EEE 28013, EEE 26182, EEE 26236
4 - the edge of eah chip has: 0214 on it
5 - the Ram stick has: 7F8RG on one end
6 - the bck of the stick has 94V-0 on it

and there are 8 chips in total on the stick.


  sean-278262 17:45 11 Apr 2007

Do you have a family member neighbour or friend who you could borrow their PC to find out the specifications. I can find no information on this ram stick.

  skidzy 17:47 11 Apr 2007

I believe the sticks are indeed 128MB.

  kelemvor 17:49 11 Apr 2007

I don't sorry.

Skidzy, how sure are you??

I have gone through a couple of sites and some say 128 and others say 256 - they both seem to have the same serial code.


  jam500 17:52 11 Apr 2007

Maybe just as a guess that the 128 in the hyb3912800ct-7.5 is refering to the size.

  skidzy 17:56 11 Apr 2007

I cannot find a definate answer for you,but from experience in changing ram,some if not most have the value MB listed within the serial code,hence your post hyb39(128)00ct-7.5.

I may be wrong as not all ram have this,but some older ram does...especially Emachines bought from Dixons/PCW etc.

Im afraid i cannot prove this to you,the best way is to install the ram in a working pc and hope the ram is compatible and run Belarc or Everesthome.
Belarc click here
Everesthome click here

  wee eddie 18:23 11 Apr 2007

If you can get another 9 you might be able to get a £5er for them.

I'm afraid that these days most folk are looking foe 512MB or even 1GB sticks and rather faster than that which you have.

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