My question keeps shutting down unexpectedly?

  iZyrex 22:03 02 Dec 2013

Hi. I've been having a lot of trouble lately just shutting down by itself.

I don't mean like the computer just flicks to the shut-down screen and then shuts down as normal. It just fully flicks off as if someone has flicked the back switch and turned it back on for startup.

I've had this computer for a few months now and it's happened a couple of times but tonight has to be the worse. I've been trying to watch something and it keeps happening during it and it's just getting really annoying.

I don't know the problem is to do with Heat.. but I'm not sure since I'm not much of a tech geek.

If anyone could help me out it would be great.

If you need any further information to find out the problem then I am happy to provide.

  iZyrex 22:17 02 Dec 2013

Sorry.. Small typo there. My *PC.

  lotvic 23:38 02 Dec 2013

I suggest you give the insides a good clean. Disconnect the electric plug, hold in the power button on tower for a few secs to discharge any residual current.

Take side of pc and with a small paintbrush and/or cotton bud clean the fans and hold a vacuum cleaner nozzle near to suck up the dust (don't let nozzle touch any electrics/circuits on board that can be damaged)

Reseat (unplug and replug back in) all the cables etc. to make sure they have a good connection.

Leave side off pc and boot up. Look inside the pc to make sure you can see the fans turning.

If all ok close down and put side back on pc tower.

Boot up as normal.

Hopefully that will have fixed the overheating causing shutdown and restart problem.

Others will probably post with some more suggestions of what to try.

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