Is my PSU broken? Must wait 5 mins before boot up

  moohoo 11:57 02 May 2009

Please help!

I have 2 major problems with my PC:

1. After I shut down my PC I must now wait 5 minutes before it can be turned on. Pressing the ON button does nothing until the computer has had about 5 minutes of off time. It's like it's waiting to charge up the psu (or even motherboard?) before it can be used, and I know my PC (when it was XP and now Vista) never used to be like this.

2. While using my PC (when it's at desktop) the PC randomly crashes and resets. There is a BSOD but it says something about dumping memory, it counts to 100 % and then resets so I don't know if there is a error number to write down. I've also just checked my ram with MS's WINDIAG and my ram passes all full 11 tests. Is this related to problem 1.?

So with these 2 problems, is my problem my psu, motherboard or even hard disk? I haven't added any new hardware to my PC and it just started to act up all of a sudden.

Thanks for your help!

  woodchip 12:09 02 May 2009

1 As you say could be PSU or Motherboard in that order, try with a New or known working PSU. Other sounds like a Windows Problem. But I would go with the first thing before try to sort bsod out.

when you say it does not boot, do you mean no life at all when you press go button? or do you get a beep?

  moohoo 12:28 02 May 2009

Hi again woodchip!

When I say it doesn't boot I mean that when I press the ON button absolutely nothing happens, so no sounds or anything. It's like the PC isn't even plugged into the wall socket. I have to wait about 5 minutes before the ON button turns the PC on (or off), so I know the fault isn't with the button but either the psu or moboard.

I guess I'll have to try it with another psu in the mean time then. :/

  moohoo 11:57 26 May 2009

Thanks woodchip. Changing the PSU did fix the power issues with my PC, but now there is another problem with my PC so I'll open another appropriately titled thread. Thanks again!

  woodchip 11:58 26 May 2009

Glad for the feedback, and that it sorted it.

  keef66 12:07 26 May 2009

I just went through this. PC needed to be switched on at the wall for a while before the case switch had any effect. Swapping out the psu seemed to fix it, but then it started happening again. Stripped everything out of the case and notices a couple of capacitors on the mobo looking like they were on the way out.

Replaced the mobo and all is fine, starts first time, every time.

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