Is my PSU big enough for this re-build

  Giggle n' Bits 00:15 22 Aug 2006

AMD Athlon 64 3400 Sok754 2.0GHz
2x 512MB DDR 400
Nvidia FX5500 256MB AGP
Internal x1 FDD, x1 DVD Wtr & x1 DVD Rom drive
250GB Samsung spinpoint SATA II (Jumpered back to 150)
Asus K8V-X SE Motherboard with VIA Chip

Using a 450Watt PSU and still having a re-boot issue even though I have tested HDD & PSU & memory for faults. So could my 450watt psu be underated.

  woofwoofbark 00:53 22 Aug 2006
  DieSse 00:57 22 Aug 2006

*Is my PSU big enough for this re-build*

Yes, it's big egough - unless it's faulty, or of particularly low quality.

  Giggle n' Bits 01:19 22 Aug 2006

Yep, its well within using the PSU calc tool.

Ok, I think it maybe a Card Reader called XPro Model No.CR202A

This is a internal FDD fitted new Card Reader has USB 2.0 port and loads of memory card options.

I unplugged the device from the USB 56 Motherboard header as USB 72 is vacated with the Front Panel USB 2.0 case ports.

By unplugging the card reader it seems the reboot/re-start problem has gone away so now I need to find out how to make this work with the ASus K8V-X SE motherboard

I have just changed Legacy USB in BIOS from being on Auto to Enabled.

Then I will try disable the Legacy USB

Any suggestions on how I could find out if this Card Reader has a fault. I managed to read a SD Card fine in it.

how do you test a card reader ?

  DieSse 01:47 22 Aug 2006

*how do you test a card reader ?*

You plug it in - it works properly - it's OK

It doesn't work properly - it's faulty

Nothing else you can do.

Check very very carefully that the cable wiring is correct for your motherboard - on both rows of pins (one row will be for the card reader, the other row for the USB port.)

Otherwise, they're pretty cheap - I would buy a new one personally (or get a warranty replacement).

  Giggle n' Bits 09:56 22 Aug 2006

The Card Reader is new. Yes it reads my SD Card fine, but if I restart the machine intermitantly on reboot just after the bleep like they do the system will stop powered on but in a standby state monitor will go into a standby and HDD seems to pause a bit like putting you machine into the sleep standby.

The CPU fan spins and power lights stay on.

I disabled legacy USB in Bios but this made no difference.

The Card reader has two connectors one for usb and other for the card rdr labled 1 & 2 as in rows 1 & 2 I have put row two the same orientation as the front case USB Red as pin one and with the black is the last connection to the motherboard header.

in the BIOS even though its the latest BIOS, I find only one entry relating to SATA HDD and thats the Boot order where its listed. There is no option for SATA onboard chip or anything, wonder if my BIOS os bad ?

I am wondering if my problem is not the Card reader and something else, memory is matched to the board, PSU plenty big enough, AGP card ok ripping my hair out as its so anoying and seems difficult to diagnose this one.

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