Ade_1 16:04 06 May 2006

Hi, i used an online calculator to calculate how much power my computer will need, after i install my new DVDRW Drive, when i install that i will have 1 HDD, 1 PCI-E graphics card (x800GT) 1 DVDROM/CDRW 1 DVDRW, obviously the CPU keyboard and mouse. It calculated it at about 323W i think it was, and i have a 305, do you think there is a possibility it will work?

If not will i be ok to disconnect my DVDROM/CDRW and just use my DVDRW drive as my main drvie until i can get a new PSU?

Thanks in Advance

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:14 06 May 2006

try it

but get a new PSU asap and don't stint, a good PSU is worth its weight in gold.

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:17 06 May 2006

Even with your DVDROM/CDRW disconnected you will be over the limit for your PSU. I suggest you buy a new one as soon as possible or you are likely to have many stability issues.

  Ade_1 16:47 06 May 2006

Ok thanks, i was looking into one, i will get one asap then. Im looking around 460-500W. If there are anty decent ones feel free to post them here for me ot take a look at.

One question i have to ask is - Will a new PSU fit into my machine as i know Dell are only funny with their PSU's and systems sometimes. ( i have a Dell Dimension 5100) Or do i have to buy one from Dell, if that is at all possible.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:54 06 May 2006

dell have a small PSU, this could be a major problem , how much space do you have in your machine? Measure from back to front (length) leaving room for CD / HDD cables.

It may be chaeper to buy a new case with PSU than to buy a small size psu to fit your dell case.

  Ade_1 16:58 06 May 2006

the only thing is, when you look inside hte computer there is this big thing, (im assuming its a heatsink type thing)as the processor is underneath it but its huge. And i dont know how im going to put that in another case.

  961 17:04 06 May 2006

Beware power supply connections on Dell machines

Some have non standard coloured wires.

See "Upgrading and repairing PCs" by Scott Mueller (pps 1171 edition 16) which refers to various desktops manufactured up to year 2000

It is believed that they then changed to industry standard colours but various Dell motherboards are made to their own designs and it is wise to check with Dell regarding your own machine

  Ade_1 17:17 06 May 2006

You would have though that it was a simple job, i know how to fit a PSU. But nothing is ever simple.

  961 17:34 06 May 2006

Yes, I know. It's something to do with marmalade and toast and the laws of gravity I think

However, if you ask Dell for the price of a new PSU for your machine you will quickly find if they are going to provide one at a reasonable price and if the connections for your machine are standard ATX

After that check with PSU suppliers via web site e-mail for suitable units. A bit of a faff, but, as you say...

  Stuartli 17:40 06 May 2006

I used to run a PentiumIII 1GB system with 256MB of RAM, a DVD-ROM drive and a CD rewriter, 80GB hard drive, GeForce5200 grapics card and various PCI slots filled with TV cards etc and it worked quite satisfactorily as far as I was concerned.

Then, quite by chance, I discovered that the Enermax PSU included with the case I bought six or seven years ago was a mere 100w model and not the 235w I had believed.

It said a lot for the quality of the Enermax that it coped so well...:-)

Now got a 500w PSU as the system has been sharply upgraded.

  Ade_1 18:39 06 May 2006

Here are some picutres of inside of my computer - it has the power supply and what i think is the heatsink. If i was to buy a new case do you think i could fit those stuff in?
Also you will be able to see the dimensions of my PSU (theyre labelled) and you can see theyre obscurity (if there is such word)

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