Is my problem a Trojan

  Phil01 21:05 03 Feb 2005

i was having problems with my Pc so i contacted the Tech support of where i got my Pc. after abit we found my computer was full of spyware.

so i installed Zonealarm as my new firewall taking over my old one and i was also told to install Ad-aware se,and on top of that i also installed system mechanic as a mate told me of the 30 day trial.

alot of times zone alarm is stopping things in and out which keeps popping up asking to accept or deny and everytime i run the spy sweeper on system mechanice or run ad-aware Se they both pick things up.

i have done searches with both well over 20 times each and everytime they boith pick up and destroy these things,also even when iam not connected to the internet, every now and again i get a message appear from Zone alam that such and such is trying to connect to the internet,when i use the get more info it is always linked to my temp files.

do i have a virus or trojan horse deep in my Pc somewhere or is it nothing,any help and advice would be great


  stalion 21:09 03 Feb 2005

do a scan with this a2 and just incase it's spyware spybot click here
click here

  alan227 21:13 03 Feb 2005

Are you running any anti virus software.
It is possible if you do have a trojan that it is hiding in your system restore points.
Try a free online scan here.

click here

  Phil01 21:51 03 Feb 2005

thankyu for your replys,ok well i ran Spybot and even after all my scans with the other programs i mentioned Spybot still found 53 problems,i am still running the A2 link as we speak

the reason i reply now is that when i tryed your link alan227 i got this message after the scan:


then it has come up 4 times in the scan and all say NON cleanable

  VoG II 21:54 03 Feb 2005
  NickyK 22:10 03 Feb 2005

Hopefully, VoGTM has solved your problem. However, it's always worth making sure you have completely removed your previous firewall. I use ccleaner for that:

click here

Run all three scanners. They'll clear your temp files (in which viri can lurk) and remove any left-overs from the old firewall.

Please be patient with A2. It does take its time, but it is my favourite malware utility.

If all else fails, try AVG virus-scan.

click here

but you might have to delete your other anti-virus stuff. (Though anti-viri utilities don't necessarily find mal/adware).

Alternatively, if you are Windows, GIANT is the best and is availale in beta-testing (it is exactly the same as it was before they bought it a few weeks ago):

click here

that should sort it out. I don't know if it works on non-Windows, but I don't see why it shouldn't.

Please do post because I'll be interested on how you solve your problem - that way, I will learn.

Good luck

  Phil01 18:08 04 Feb 2005

well i used all the links people posted and i though i had got rid of it but the AVG i have on my system now sometimes brings us a virus detcted box.

alot of other scans dont find anything but somthing still must be in there for AVg to detect it

so as a last resort i will use the link that VoG posted which from the looks of it involves deleting and changing things which i wanted to avoid if possiable as i have never done it before

  NickyK 18:26 04 Feb 2005

Don't give in just yet. Try an on-line scanner as recommended here:

click here

Alternatively: My instinct tells me that you either have an incorrectly/incompletely installed problem, or a compatability problem.

If I were you, I would do this:

1. exit any internet connections and disconnect your phone, clean out history/cache using ccleaner and the other relevant deletes.

2. Run virus scanner and then a malware scanner.

3. Disable firewall

4. Repeat 2

5. Re-enable firewall and plug phone line back in.

If this fails, uninstall firewall and do this again (but make sure you are not connected to the phone).

Works for me with naughty programs. However, this is only a suggestion, not necesssarily a recommendation.

One other thing: have you recently added new software that might be dubious and might have installed adware on your PC? If so, uninstall, reinstall and read the contract very carefully and check the website.

Finally, try a good cleaner like this one which you can trial for 30 days for free. It is one of the best, and will clean out the garbage:

click here

  stalion 18:31 04 Feb 2005

if the above does not solve your problem and you are not happy messing with your computer it would be best to post a hijack this log
click here

  NickyK 18:32 04 Feb 2005

One other thing. Remove then reinstall AVG. Or remove AVG and try Avast

click here

Good luck.

  Phil01 18:37 04 Feb 2005

oh i forgot to add some info.

if i play a game like Everquest 2 i have no problmes and nothing pops up from AVG but if i try anything on steam like half life 2 it cuts from the game to the destktop as a pop up from AVG telling me a virus has been detcted so i have to keep clicking the link at the bottom to try and get back in the game but this happneds every minute or so

and this happends also when i play windows media,i put in a original CD and it never happend and then i played some music which was on my harddrive and again every minute or so a AVG Virus message pops up,

i dont know if any of the above means anything i just though i would add it incase.

thankyou NickyK i will try what you say when i get the chance.

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