My problem - HELP!

  spgoldy 21:15 24 Feb 2008

Hi all,

Sorry if I have interrupted somebody elses thread - but I am really at my wits end!!

I have a speedtouch 585 wireless router and have set my laptop (vista) to connect - no problems.

I want to connect my desktop (XP) to the network. I have a speedtouch 121g which I connect to my desktop via usb.

I have run the AOL setup from the disc and all works well, the drivers etc are installed and all works fine.

Then..... If I shut down my PC or re-start it, the desktop tells me that no adapter is connected and that no network is available, although I know the adapter is working. I've used the windows troubleshooter and this tells me the adapter is ok.

AOL have been worse than useless and I tried to contact speedtouch but it's no good.

Does anybody have any ideas?? I'm a beginner really and just want to get up and running but cannot see the problem.

Any help would be really appreciated!

Best wishes.


  Ashrich 21:38 24 Feb 2008

Are you using the software supplied with the Speedtouch adapter ? Does it have an " always on " setting to connect automatically when the PC is booted ? Have you tried letting Windows XP manage the connection instead ?


  Ashrich 22:02 24 Feb 2008

Looking at the AOL instructions for installing this adapter , I think it might be well advised to try letting Windows manage the connection , you do this by ( and I apologise if you know this already ) going to ...start/settings/network connections , right click on the entry for your adapter , and select " properties " then click on the centre tab ( Wireless Networks ) and tick the box at the top that says something like " Allow Windows to configure my wireless networks " , Ok your way back to the desktop , double click on the single monitor icon on the task bar ( it may have a red cross through it ) , it will then scan for wireless networks , find yours , click on it , and it will ask for the security code ( either WEP or WPA , whichever you set ) and enter it , it will ask for it again so do that as well , then click on " connect " , which hopefully it will do , and it should remember it as well , so it will re-connect on boot up .


  spgoldy 16:53 26 Feb 2008

Will give it a go and let you know.

Thanks very much - I thought that it may be a conflict but didn't know where to start, being a wireless novice!

Ta very muchly.


  spgoldy 17:20 26 Feb 2008

Hi again.

All is ok until I right click on the adpter and click on properties. I don't get the centre tab (wireless networks)or the "allow windows to configure my wireless network".

Any other ideas?


  spgoldy 17:22 26 Feb 2008


In answer to the first reply, I did try to use the Speedtouch own software - but had no joy (still the same problem). I uninstalled this and let AOL instal the drivers from the AOL setup disc.

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