my printer does not print labels accurately

  FITZSIMMONDS 13:24 08 Mar 2013

I have Avery J8160 labels. My printer is HP Deskjet F380. I print out the labels perfectly positioned on plain A4, but on the labels they are just out of position and therefore useless. Holding the A4 printed sheet against a blank label sheet, both against the light, I can see that the size is correct. I'm sure I have chosen the correct label size [J8160] from the drop-down list in Microsoft Works. What to do?!

  Woolwell 13:33 08 Mar 2013

I'm not familiar with the HP but in some printers you have to select the paper type to be labels and also some labels feed in one direction only.

  Chronos the 2nd 13:34 08 Mar 2013

Do you use the template? But I must admit at times I also have the problem of the address not sitting correctly within the label, never figured out why, so will watch this thread with interest.

  Woolwell 13:44 08 Mar 2013

One of the things that I sometimes do is put a small gap before the first line of the address and this helps with any mis-alignment.

  wiz-king 14:16 08 Mar 2013

Check your printers settings are set for the correct size of paper. Some HP printers cant be print to the full paper size and always leave either the top or the bottom margin unprinted.

  lotvic 14:57 08 Mar 2013

Look carefully at your label sheet as sometimes the margin at top is different to the bottom and it is so easy to put label sheet in upside down. I find writing Top in pencil on margin makes sure I've fed it into printer right way up.

  Chronos the 2nd 15:29 08 Mar 2013


Hmm would never have thought of that. cheers.

  Sea Urchin 23:15 08 Mar 2013

I found the same problem with an HP printer and the exact same Avery labels. I had limited success by changing the settings for the paper type (they seem to be quite thick labels) but the problem was immediately resolved when I switched to different labels altogether. I am now using Staples own brand, but there are others on the market that would do equally as well.

  wee eddie 13:26 09 Mar 2013

I had a similar problem (Not the same Printer though) when I tried putting a Box/Line/Frame around the address.

Removal of the box/line/frame solved the problem

  compumac 14:21 09 Mar 2013

I would agree with Lotvic, I had a problem where the actual page margins on the sheet of paper were not the same top and bottom resulting in that at each session I needed to check orientation of the paper. I should aslo check that the size of print is set to A4, this is a common problem where the software for some reason or other defaults to the American size.

  lotvic 16:49 09 Mar 2013

Avery J8160 A4 7x3 labels measurements: Top Margin 1.59, Vertical Pitch 3.81 (x7 =26.67), leaves 1.44 for bottom margin. Therefore the top of label sheet has a teeniest bigger margin than the bottom. Also I would hazard a guess the printer used could make some diff to the output (I know one I had seemed to have mind of it's own :))

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