Is my Power Supply dying?

  pc123andre 16:28 27 Aug 2014

Good afternoon to everyone. I bought yesterday a new motherboard and I already test my Ram and hard drives. But my problem continues: my pc freezes and i get a black screen/no signal. Also I lose sound. It could also be from my graphic card BUT I tested my old motherboard using only the internal graphic card and I got a black screen. So I took screenshots of the voltages and I think they are too low:

psu voltages

Should I replace my psu?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:48 27 Aug 2014

Your 5v and 12v lines do seem to be low.

  pc123andre 17:01 27 Aug 2014


yes I tried using other monitor and happened the same, also i cleaned and fixed properly the Ram stick.

*Fruit Bat /\0/\

could be the low voltages causing the black screens? (if a graphic card has low power it won't work normally right?)

  pc123andre 17:31 27 Aug 2014

i've been experiencing this about a month ago, could I have other damaged component (besides my old MB?)

  spuds 17:32 27 Aug 2014

Is there a slight smell of burning from the PSU, if so, that's might be the answer?.

PSU are fairly cheap and easy to replace, so perhaps the way forward. Look at the prices and see if its worth increasing the wattage of the PSU for that little extra?.

  pc123andre 18:14 27 Aug 2014

I never thought about the smell... I'll check later. BTW my psu has 750W but is from an "unknown brand"

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