My Postings Disappeared

  woodchip 14:40 12 Jun 2003

OK what's happened to My-Postings, All I get is Error 404

  mammak 14:47 12 Jun 2003

lol Woodchip, most poeple, up here today are getting 2-3 posting of the same,poor you arent getting any now thats not fair is it.

  woodchip 14:49 12 Jun 2003

Well just been looking at the site, and it's really been shot to pieces, there are that many probs

  woodchip 14:56 12 Jun 2003

See you later it may have improved. Of for some parts for Van

  woodchip 16:26 12 Jun 2003

Mine still missing

  woodchip 23:00 12 Jun 2003

Still no Go on Postings

  Forum Editor 23:08 12 Jun 2003

that the problem's been resolved now, thanks to the efforts of the team who have supervised the move from one server to another.

They've worked all day, and a good part of the night to make the changes, and I think they deserve a big vote of thanks for what amounts to a smooth changeover. Anyone who works with web servers knows how they can be a tad tricky at times, and the forum is far from being a simple site. There's a lot going on behind the scenes, and it's almost inevitable that there will be one or two minor glitches at first.

  woodchip 23:09 12 Jun 2003

Well I cannot read any in Opera, so PCA is totally unworkable for me if the thread disappears of the page

  woodchip 23:20 12 Jun 2003

FE I am still getting ERROR 404. In My Postings

  woodchip 23:24 12 Jun 2003

This cannot be right. I have just started Netscape and My Postings work ok in there but not in Opera with a two page setup

  hugh-265156 23:28 12 Jun 2003

ok on opera here

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