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  bvw in bristol 19:46 22 Nov 2003

Only go back to 01/01/03?

  leo49 19:49 22 Nov 2003

Apparently we've been edited - the previous postings have also been knocked off the total of discussion subjects.

  recap 19:53 22 Nov 2003

Could this be why the server was down the other day?

PCA must have edited the lists to free up some resources and in turn should speed up the site.

  Djohn 19:56 22 Nov 2003

So we have, I've only got 78 pages now. :o(

  AubreyS 19:59 22 Nov 2003

78 pages Djohn???? You HAVE had a lot of trouble in your life!! I thought I was bad having 6! :-)

  Pesala 20:03 22 Nov 2003

I've only got 78 pages now. :o(

You’ve obviously been slacking a bit :)

  Djohn 20:04 22 Nov 2003

With all those pages and on average four or five postings to each thread, it looks like it's my fault for the site slowing down. :o(

  Djohn 20:05 22 Nov 2003

Yep! I'd better get typing again! ;o)

  recap 20:10 22 Nov 2003

26 pages in mine with an average of 26 postings in each. Strange I would have thought that if PCA were setting a limit that everybody would have the same number of pages.

  Pesala 20:31 22 Nov 2003

Just back to the beginning of this year. Anything before that is history. Also not too much likely to be still relevant.

If you want more pages, just get busy replying to more questions.

  Stuartli 09:06 23 Nov 2003

Anything prior to what you have just done is history....:-)

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