My Pictures folder keeps closing itself down??

  Damo1977 20:11 13 Aug 2009

I'm having some really frustrating problems with the 'My Pictures' folder in My Documents.

With certain folders within this that contain either some videos I have taken from my digital camera and one that has photos taken from my mobile phone, when I attempt to open the folder the whole folder just disappears along the taskbar at the bottom of the sceen. The taskbar reappears after a few seconds with all other windows still open except the My Pictures folder!

I recently downloaded some pictures & video clip from my Samsung Tocco Ultra S8300 directly into the My Pictures folder. Once I had done this I couldnt even open the My Pictures folder without what I have described above happening. I managed to move these pics & vids into their own folder and once I did this I was able to open the My Pictures folder again but not the folder I had moved them to???

Has anybody got any ideas what is going on? or more importantly how I can resolve it??

Any response or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  johnnyrocker 20:41 13 Aug 2009

has this always been the case? or a recent happening and also what os etc do you have?


  Damo1977 21:03 13 Aug 2009

No its only been happening in the last 4-6 weeks or so.

I am using Windows XP.

  johnnyrocker 21:06 13 Aug 2009

anything new installed or downloaded round that time?


  Damo1977 00:02 14 Aug 2009

Around the same sort of time I had some problems with my internet explorer and had it reinstalled. This solved the problems with IE but the problems with the My Pictures folder has persisted.

I can't think of anything else that changed in this time.

  Les28 07:42 14 Aug 2009

These sites mention a few ideas.

For movies

click here

For the movie files you could try stopping the avi preview dll's running as explained, then assuming one if not all of your movie files are corrupt you could move each file to a subfolder of its own in My Pictures or My Videos and later after reregistering the avi preview dll's as explained you could try opening each of your movie folders one at a time to locate the corrupt one or more.

For still pictures
maybe a corrupt thumbs.db as explained here

click here

I could be wrong but get the impression one or more of your image files is corrupt, as you've got movie and still mixed in the one folder you've probably got to do a process of elimination as to which it is perhaps using ideas from the above two websites, if you can open the folder stopping the avi preview dll's running, it's probably one of the movies that's bad, so split them up and find out which one or more.

Have you had any good results with your devices, or is this the first time use. Sorry not to be able to be more specific, probably other members will be able to advise.

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