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  Daiol 09:12 14 Nov 2007

Hi.Can someone please help me,i have a small problem that's annoying me.I have a lot of photographs of my new little granddaughter of course i have them in my pictures folder under a sub folder named with my granddaughters name,Now i have no problems opening my pictures main folder with a double mouse click and also i have no bother opening any other sub folders ie:holiday snaps etc,But when i double mouse click on my grandaughter's folder or even right click on it and click on open it takes a long time to open the other folders have no trouble then when i open the task manager it states that the folder is not responding then all of a sudden it opens up.Why should this folder take so long to open up??, it has about 250 images as some of my holiday snaps folder has more images.Any solutions please.I'm running windows xp pro with 1gb ram & 160 hdd.have done all spyware and cleaned out temp files etc.Thankyou.

  MAJ 09:59 14 Nov 2007

Possibly, if the folder is set to "view thumbnails" and there are some huge picture files in there, might be the cause. what type and size are the files (raw, jpg, bmp, etc.)?

  Daiol 11:14 14 Nov 2007

MAJ.Yes they are set to open in thumbnails and they are jpeg.Thanks for reply

  MAJ 11:54 14 Nov 2007

In that case, Daiol, Windows might be taking a time to render the thumbnails. Try changing the 'problem' folder to "List" view. In the folder, go to, View > List, see if that cures the problem.

  Daiol 19:09 14 Nov 2007

Thankyou all,all sorted i changed the view from thumbnails to list and everything is now fine.Thanks once again

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