My pentium 4 just fried

  fredo3 08:58 07 Sep 2003

I bought a system bundle.. Asus p4c800 motherboard and a pentium 4 chip...500w psu. I built the system carefully and after turning on the power I smelt burning within minutes.
The chip has fused to the bottom of the heatsink.....DOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I'm an experienced computer builder but I just cannot understand why this has happened. The heatsink clipped into the cradle perfectly with the chip but its now fused directly onto the thermal compound strip and the cradle was locked down fine. Any ideas what could have caused this .....faulty mtherboard/psu ??? I'll need to get my story straight for the dreaded computer shop returns department...thanks anyone

  fredo3 09:01 07 Sep 2003

The chip was correctly orientated in the slot too

  Bodi 09:03 07 Sep 2003

did you check that the CPU fan was working?

What thermal compound - if any - did you use?

Did the heatsink and fan come with the CPU?

I would think that the culprit MIGHT be your PSU, which could have an iffy regulator. I'd get it checked out - BEFORE attaching it to another motherboard.

Of course you could be unlucky and have a faulty motherboard/CPU/Heatsink & Fan.


  Bodi 09:07 07 Sep 2003

If it is your PSU that's at fault, there is every liklehood that other components are effected too.

Can you check these out on another board?


  fredo3 09:13 07 Sep 2003

Thanks the fan was bought separate and I used the thermal strip that was on the heatsink after obviously removing the plastic protector...I will try the graphics card in another machine ...thanks good idea

  fredo3 09:26 07 Sep 2003

Ok graphics card working fine and hard-drive...
The motherboard was sold to me at a discounted price without its original box so I'm beginning to think more in that direction......Bodi why u ask if the fan came with the chip??????
It's an akasa AK670U and my chip is a p4 2.6 so should be ok

  Bodi 09:35 07 Sep 2003

Basically I'm just suggesting things the retailer that sold you the set up may ask.

Some CPU's are sold "Retail" with heatsink & fan - presumably you bought yours OEM?

If you've covered all the most obvious reasons - including PSU - I'd take the motherboard back from whence it came - with the CPU still attached, if possible. To be on the safe side, can you get the motherboard checked independently - just in case of problems with the retailer?

Good luck


  fredo3 09:43 07 Sep 2003

yeah Thanks for your help Brodi..........the trouble I'm gonna run into is the fact my cpu and motherboard came from 2 different suppliers..
I can see the old " Talk to your cpu supplier its not us !" and "Talk to your motherboard supplier its not us !" routine.

Yeah I'll try and get the motherboard checked out elsewhere first.

God dam it this is gonna be fun !!!

Thanks mate ...fredo

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