My PC's Maintenance Schedule

  wee eddie 16:38 17 Aug 2014

I'm occupied every Sunday Nigh,t so I have set up a Maintenance Schedule.

I should be interested in others opinions as to whether I should add to it, change the order or use different Programs. If the latter - Why?

CCleaner (Free Version)- Standard Scan, Registry and Start-up,

Malwarebytes (Free version)- Full Scan,

Kaspersky Internet Security - Full Scan,

and finally

Back-up to an external Hard Drive - W7's own Incremental - Refreshed/Replaced every Quarter, or so.

  Pine Man 16:42 17 Aug 2014

What happens if any of the security programs uncover a problem?

  john bunyan 16:57 17 Aug 2014

1.I would occasionally run ADWCleaner and Superantisptware - surprising that sometimes each finds things the others don't.2. If you do not have a SSD, I would defrag with something like Auslogics Disc defrag or CCleaner Defrggler.3. I used to use Acronis True image, and still do on main PC's to make an image of my C partition - quicker than Windows one. I make a full (non incremental one, verify it, then keep only the one just made and its immediate predecessor. 4. For my data partition I use Freefilesynch to make a mirror image to another drive quite often. After the first time, subsequent ones are very quick as only altered file are updated.5. I occasionally (every couple of months make a clone of my HD. I have several HD's in caddies that slide in and out of my tower. For laptop I use USB HD's.5. On a young relative's laptop, I have been trying "Macrium Reflect" - a free disc imager / cloner - seems ok if a little less simple than ATI

  wee eddie 17:26 17 Aug 2014

I forgot to add.

Daily backup of my .pst file and Accounts folder, using Nero Backitup in the Cloud

  spuds 19:05 17 Aug 2014

Wee Eddie - Have a look at Computer Active computer magazine (issue 430) that's should be in the newsagent's now, that might be of interest regarding the items in the introduction plus more.

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