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My PC's DVD drive just chatters on FSX install

  Bob C 12:29 11 Aug 2019

I know the disks are OK, they work perfectly on other laptops etc.

It's just my PC - Disk 1 goes in and then chatters for at least 90+ minutes before reading enough to begin installation. Same with Disk 2 and the third, Acceleration disk.

I've tried changing drive hardware, reset DVD drivers, also used plug-in drives, plus increased the power supply. Sometimes, the change works for a first attempt … but then always reverts back to the old problem.

Any ideas what I can do to solve this would be really welcome please!!

  Bob C 12:33 13 Aug 2019

Already been there and got the t-shirt! The player is also brand new.

As I mentioned before, the mega question is what's causing the program to not play in my PC when it readily will in the whole of PC World's display stock of laptops!!

Any other ideas please?

  wee eddie 13:47 13 Aug 2019

Excuse me, but I see no mention of DVD Reading Software

  Bob C 14:26 14 Aug 2019

Hello Menzie

Yes, antivirus (Panda) was disabled during the attempt to load up.

The point you make about copy protection feels fairly plausible, yet equally defies logic of why the program loads quite happily on other equipment. I can't believe I'm the only user to have discovered a driver conflict in my system to cause this!

The DVD drive is brand new - an ATAPI iHAS124 - which accepted the first disk without problem but reverted back to the same old problem when loading up the second.

Plus the problem never even hints at arising when loading / installing any of the other seriously big programs I use such as Photoshop.

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