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My pc wont turn on, no lights, no fan's running

  Atek Idriss 18:16 15 Mar 2020

Hello good people I got a problem with my desktop pc couldn't use it for over a month, am very frustrated, so the problem started when i bought a random sheep as hell keybord used it for like 3 days then i was on my phone and i randomly pressed the sleep button on the keyboard, from that moment my pc wont turn on at all not even lights or a sound or anything am just really frustrated can any one help advise me on what could be the problem (i tried everything i can unplugged evrything re plugged ect) ( and apparently the psu is not it cause it worked with another pc, and we tried emptying the CMOS nothing 0 nothing happend, one think a friend tried was he replaced the mother board with a new one and he told me there was light and computer seems to run but no image on display)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:47 15 Mar 2020

If motherboard has been replaced then no image could be a driver issue as new motherboard ( if different model from old) will require new drivers.

One thing to try if old board is fitted and PC appears totally dead is to disconnect all power press and hold on button for 30 secs reconnect power and retry to boot, see what happens then.

  Atek Idriss 19:10 15 Mar 2020

Yeah am still with the old board and i tried the hold 30s same situation literally no sound or light or anything

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:02 15 Mar 2020

Have you tried shorting the pins on the motherboard to fire on the PSu

  wee eddie 09:28 16 Mar 2020

"Not Responding - On-line Tech Magazine" are posting using several Names - I've brought this to FE's attention.

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