My pc won't connnect to blizzard app

  Malthe Hensberg 12:26 04 Apr 2018

Hello. I have this problem that just started appearing yesterday. I get a connection error when i try to login on the blizzard app, saying that i could not connect to blizzard. However i have tried creating a new admin account, and on that account, i can fine login to blizzard, so there must be some type of virus or program, that is blocking my access to the blizzard app. Can anyone help me find out what is blocking it? Thanks

  wee eddie 12:53 04 Apr 2018

Have you considered clearing Cookies out of your system ~ CCleaner is probably better than Windows 10's own stuff

  Malthe Hensberg 13:02 04 Apr 2018

That didn't fix it. I think it's more of a network related issue, like hidden firewall blocking it or something like that. Does anyone know any tools to see whats blocking?

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