My PC went bang!

  Roger Evens 15:46 31 Oct 2009

I've been getting a BSOD recently that was intermittent. Stupidly I ignored it and carried on by rebooting.
Last week the PC went bang. It has a slight burned smell. Now dead no fans etc.
Bought a new PSU on internet from Ireland (cheap) but its still dead. Not even the PSU fan works but there is a light on the motherboard so some electric is getting through. Can anyone help please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:54 31 Oct 2009

Sounds as if Motherboard went may or may not have taken old PSU with it.

No signal from motherboard to PSU to switch on the PSU.
You can try momentarily shorting the pins on mobo to power switch this is signal to switch PSU.

  OTT_Buzzard 15:55 31 Oct 2009

More than likely the capacitors on the motherboard or the NB / SB chipset has blown

Have a look at the mobo for any obvious signs of capacitors that don't look right. In any case, I predict a new motherboard in your near future.

  Roger Evens 16:02 31 Oct 2009

Thanks I'll investigate mobo and get back if necessary. I suspected a new mobo would be needed.

  sonyboy 16:27 31 Oct 2009

Just a tip regarding PSU's Roger....Never ever skimp on this very important item of hardware.It's basically the "heart and soul" of your machine and often overlooked !..

Without a good ...and more importantly....a clean source of power..No matter how fancy a Processor or how fast a Graphics card anyone has ...A weak PSU will put the whole setup at risk...
Lots of generic PSU's try to baffle buyers with high Wattage ratings.
It is how the voltage rails deliver the required power to each component that matters..I've seen supposed high wattage cheap PSU's go "black and crispy" long before they reached anywhere near their supposed rating!
If you have to rebuild your machine...Don't use a cheapo PSU.....have a browse at "Ebuyer" or any respected supplier..and look at models that are out of the cheap area ..and go for something that has multiple 12volt lines that can distribute the power where its needed1! you won't regret it.Good Luck.....

  woodchip 16:33 31 Oct 2009

My guess is the PSU is no good as fan does not work. If you want to get it going then by proper components not trying to cut corners on thing that you depend on

  Roger Evens 16:39 31 Oct 2009

OK thanks lesson learned!

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