My PC starts with warning: lack of free space!

  Revi 06:22 10 Feb 2005

I have rcently formatted my HD (XP SP2). Partition C is 10 GB and D is 150 GB. In C I have only Windows XP Professional, IE Explorer, MSN Messenger, Office, Norton AV, Windows Media Player. All told I think they roughly add up to 1GB. And yet when I check the C partition it shows free space available only: 130MB. All went well in the beginning. But of late, every time I start the PC a message pops up saying : “too little space in C!........ Minimum required 200MB, available only 130MB”.

  Jeffers22 08:56 10 Feb 2005

Although it doesn't look from what you say that you should have taken up nearly 10Gb, XP itself plus Office will take up a little over 2Gb.

Try moving your pagefile to the second drive and see if that gets rid of the message at boot up.

Do you have Partition Magic? If so, what does it show.

If not, download Disk Size Manager click here It is a shareware utility that will allow you to take a look in some detail at what is on the C: drive and may pinpoint the problem.

  Jeffers22 09:01 10 Feb 2005

Did you take a look at this thread? Seem to be some similarities. click here

  FelixTCat 09:13 10 Feb 2005

There are two directories that can take up a lot of space - Temp and Temporary Internet Files, although neither should take up that much.

Try downloading TreeSize from click here When you run it, it will tell you that you should buy TreeSize Pro for large disks but will run anyway. It will show you the size of every directory so that you can identify the culprit(s).

  Revi 09:22 10 Feb 2005

I will try Disk Size Manager / Tree Size and revert. Jeffers, thanks for pointing out a similar thread.

  Revi 09:44 10 Feb 2005

Tree Size shows in RED that: 5805MB Documents and Settings, 1403MB Windows, 1280MB Files. In GREEN it shows 788MB program! In Doc & Settings there are 3 users using 6705MB. I don't understand how this has come about. All 3 users use the D partittion for Docs etc.

  Revi 09:59 10 Feb 2005

Can I get some advice please as to which files to delete in Docs & Settings in C partition?

  FelixTCat 10:00 10 Feb 2005

Ain't computers wonderful?

I think that the colours are used to highlight what proportion of the disk spac is used by a folder. The Windows folder size sounds about right. If you keep clicking the + buttons in the left-hand pane you can drill down to individual directories.

You may find that the Temp and Temporary Internet Files of all that users are large. The space allocated to temporary internet files can be reduced in Control Panel - Internet Options for each user. If you have a broadband connection, reduce it to 1 MByte - you basically don't need it. The temp directories can be emptied.

  Revi 10:11 10 Feb 2005

Thanks a lot I have emptied Temp and Temporary Internet Files and freed a lot of space. Is there anything more I could do to empty some more?

  EdFrench 10:16 10 Feb 2005

5Gig for documents is a lot of documents. Is this were your music files are kept.
Do you have any video on your machine?
These two types of file are the only ones that I can think of that would take up so much space.(You say that they are on the 120 gig drive but you must check it anyway.)

You have recently formatted. Did this go through ok without any hiccups?

Check that you have not somehow duplicated all of your data on both drives.

  Revi 10:28 10 Feb 2005

Yes formatting went through fine. Earlier I had films etc, in C but not after partitioning. Could it be that while formatting the old files remained and were not deleted?

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