My PC sound fluctuates, possibly need a driver update?

  Graphicool1 17:36 08 Dec 2012

Hi my OS is Windows 7 - 32 bit

My PC sound fluctuates, possibly need a driver update. I went to my built-in sound card manufacturer and they said being as their drivers are just basic, I should go to the motherboard manufacturer, I did...

My Motherboard is...ASUS P8H61-M LE/USB3

CLICK HERE this link should take you to the updates that they say my MO needs or can have, I'm confused as to what I should download. When I read what they're supposed to do, a lot of them seem say the same thing? Also none of those I read mention the sound card persay.

Can anyone throw some light on this please. I'm thinking that perhaps I should update the Chipset Drivers.

  Graphicool1 17:49 08 Dec 2012

Hi I've found the Realtek Audio Driver and I'm downloading that as I type.

  Graphicool1 13:06 11 Feb 2013

Hi rdave13

I'm sorry about the accessive delay in responding. But I had other issues (non PC) which prevented me from responding until now. Regarding your links (above) thanks for them however, at the point when you gave them, my PC was up to date. I've just looked again and now there are up dates for this year (2013) which I've downloaded and will install, after I've finished doing a system back-up.

Even though I now know that the trouble I was having with the sound can't be related to the need for up dates. Because, as I've already said all my drivers were up to date.

So what I did was to buy a Sound Blaster Z sound card. But the fluctuating sound still persists. My present thought is could it be power related. As it doesn't do it all the time, it makes me think that perhaps it isn't anything to do with my PC as such. But maybe the PSU (450w) isn't meaty enough.

  Graphicool1 16:39 11 Feb 2013

Nvidia GeForce GT 240 GPU

Intel Dual Core i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz 3.10GHz


4 external HD's two of which get their power from the PC

A Wacom Graphics Tablet


But if it isn't the PSU I'm at a loss as to what it can be? It started at the end of November last year. As I said, it doesn't do it all the time, some days not at all. If it isn't the PSU I thought perhaps it could be the mains power that's going to the PSU. But I can't really see that, because it goes through a surge protector, unless it's that malfunctioning???!!. I just don't know.

Any ideas will be looked into.

  Graphicool1 10:12 12 Feb 2013

So, no ideas then?

  Graphicool1 12:24 12 Feb 2013


2x speakers and a sub woofer as this is what I'm using at present and have been for the past two years, since I bought the PC.


"What do you mean by sound fluctuation?"

Sometimes, when I start to play some music or a game the volume is very quiet, so I turn up the volume a little bit. Not too much though, because I know what's going to happen next! It'll be ok for a few minutes or so and then (without warning) the sound/volume will go too loud and I have to turn it down? Sometimes when I'm playing games it will go up and down, up and down, I leave it till I get fed up or the cat starts to freak out! But then on other days I get no trouble at all and initially I would think that it must have just one of those things, then it starts again?

The hub I'm using has got a power lead. It was ok for a while, But then the hub started playing up. After awhile and a lot of trial and error I discovered that it would only work correctly if I didn't use the external power lead, so I don't use it.

Chronos the 2nd

No problem, it isn't like your getting paid to help people, you and yours must always come first.

"you seem to be fixated with the PSU and or power supply. I suspect that if there were problems there then other aspects of the PC and other appliances would be affected"

Well actually I have been getting other problems, but I've managed to sort most of them out and they weren't PSU related. My last problem, bar this one is to do with my email client. That has always had issues, I think I'll have to uninstall and reinstall it for the umpteenth time. My only consolation is that it's the free version, although this might mean that it's a beta and thereby lies the problem.

Still, not to get side tracked, yes I must seem to have become fixated with the PSU and probably have. For two reasons, the first being that I've checked everything else I can think of. The second is that I've been looking into the minimum requirements to play online mmorpg's. As I want to be able to play Skyrim when it launches online this year and the PSU is a grey area.

Regarding the speaker possibility, I have got other speakers I could try, I haven't tried them yet, but I will now. But the reason I haven't added them into the aquation is that prior to November (when this started)nothing in the area has changed. They are two speakers and a sub woofer, from a set of 4 and a SW. I'll try the other two speakers from that set, I also have two sets of 2 independent speakers, I can try.

  Graphicool1 13:44 12 Feb 2013

"Your GPU is borderline I would have thought though"

If neccessary I am prepared to upgrade my GPU, although I have been looking at GPU's to see if I can find one that can perform well accross two genres, that is Graphic Art and Games. When I bought this rig two years ago it was designed specifically for Art and Music. As I've already said I've just upgraded the sound card to one the covers both Music and Games.

However, my research has so far drawn a blank regarding a GPU that will perform equally well for both. All graphic processing units these days seem to be aimed primarily at games.

  hiwatt 14:26 12 Feb 2013

Can you try another set of speakers to rule them out?Try plugging a set of headphones directly into the computer and see if the same thing happens?

  Graphicool1 15:11 12 Feb 2013

As yet I haven't had the time to check out my alternative speakers. but I just played a tune, I have the file on my desktop. I clicked on it as usual and it played without hiccup. A short while after it had finished, the Windows Media window, still being open, I clicked it so I could hear the track again. It usually just plays it again, but this time a pop-up window appeared saying...

'Windows Media Player has a problem and can't play that track again' (paraphrasing)

So I clicked the file directly and WMP started playing it again, but this time there was the sound anomaly. Could the problem be connected to WMP?

  Graphicool1 14:02 13 Feb 2013


Thanx for that idea, it would be easier than messing about with speakers, initially anyway. Next time I get the sound anomaly I'll give it a try. I'm playing music at the moment and it's fine, no sound problems what-so-ever? It's an enigma!

Chronos the 2nd

"2Might be useful to take note of the exact error message."

If I get it again I'll certainly pay more attention, although it has to be said, that was the first time it happened and as already mentioned...

"So I clicked the file directly and WMP started playing it again, but this time there was the sound anomaly."

but no warning message?!

  Graphicool1 17:37 13 Feb 2013

I think I may have stumbled on the problem, the little errors that have been occuring over recent days have, as of today, escalated. Any programme I switch on (including the Internet) is a struggle to run. Ironically though music plays fine, without any sound anomalies? I looked in the Events Manager and found a plethera of Errors all saying the same thing...

The device\Harddisk0\DRO, has a bad block - Event ID:7

I'm assuming this is my C drive. Is there anything I can do other than replace it. If this is all that I can do, I'll have to to clone it?

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