My PC shuts itself down.

  Im pennfold 21:50 19 Nov 2012

I have a custom built PC (running on windows 7) and I am having a few problems with it. For the most part it is an ideal machine, very fast running. However I am having a big problem with it at the moment. It keeps turning off then trying to turn itself back on. I leave it for a few minutes and come back after turning the power off at the mains. It then starts up as if it has had an unexpected shut down, then shuts itself off again after a few minutes of use.

I have tested it at different temperatures but there seems to be no difference. I am planning to take it apart tomorrow and clean it. I keep it regularly defragged and it runs smoothly until this started to happen earlier today.

I also have some problems with the internet and the speakers. Whenever the speakers are plugged into the mains they make a noise, regardless if I turn off. This means I have to either unplug them or turn the mains off. If I unplug them it disrupts my internet connection, leaving me to restart the PC or to unplug my router and then plug it in again, sometimes taking several tries.

This brings me on to my next problem. I have a Netgear Wireless N-300 USB adapter and Wireless Sky internet. The other systems in my home seem to work better with the internet than my PC (we have an Xbox 360 and another PC with far less specs than mine, and had a PS3 and a laptop with again less specs than my PC). My PC sometimes doesn't doesn't register the adapter and wont connect to the internet.

I'm not sure if its the internet not working with the adapter or the adapter not working with the PC or anything in between. Thanks for reading, any help with any of these problems, most noticeably the first would be great.

  difarn 22:22 19 Nov 2012

I came across this on another forum. Two things to try. Check to see if any of the sticks of Ram are loose - try taking them out and then relocating them one by one.

Another issue could be the power cable. Do you have another one you could try?

Re the speakers - it could be that you need a cable with thicker insulation to cut down on static. Also do you have any other devices such as an aerial, network switches etc? Have you tried connecting the speakers and pc to the same power outlet wit an extension lead?

Re the adapter and internet connection - is your adapter driver up to date? Try connecting by ethernet and then uninstalling the driver in Device Manager, power down and then reboot, letting windows find the driver. Could it be a firewall conflict - the Netgear forum says that there is a problem with some adapters and Zonealarm.

  Im pennfold 22:49 19 Nov 2012

Thank you for your reply, I'll check the sticks of Ram when I clean it, I'll make sure everything is done up nicely. I have had it for about 1.5 years and even though it was custom built I have never taken a look inside it. I'm curious about how well they did the job.

As for the power cable I have both the speakers on a multi-port extension. The cable is built into the speakers so its probably a lot more time than they're worth to attach another cable.

No its not. Is there any way I can do this without conecting it with an Ethernet cable as It would mean moving my PC downstairs to the Box and then disconnecting the phone. I will however look into the firewall when I get the PC up and running again.

Once again I'm much obliged for your help.

  Im pennfold 23:12 19 Nov 2012

Thanks, If I can get it going ill do that.

It's deffo not overheating. It's always cold in the room it's in. Maybe its too cold? It's not freezing, but i doubt many people would be comfortable in the temperature. I doubt graphics card, but it's a possibility.

Was running O.K. for the best part of a year and a half, since I've had it. No recent changes I'm aware of. I think the only noticeable change was about 3-4 months ago when I got ad block on google chrome and I doubt that has any effect on it.

  spuds 23:42 19 Nov 2012

Have you checked the power supply unit?.

  difarn 08:13 20 Nov 2012

You could try reinstalling your network adapter this way..

Control Panel- System and Security - Security - Device Manager (or start and type in Device Manager).

Network Adapters -click + sign to open - right click the adapter - properties - find the driver tab - click update -

If this doesn't do it then go back to this tab and select uninstall and confirm.

Go back to Device Manager and select Scan for Hardware Changes ( you will find this by right-clicking on the PC name at the top of the list) and the NIC should be reinstalled automatically.

Just a thought - do you want your PC to be wireless? You said that your router was downstairs but have you considered an ethernet connection for your PC via a homeplug with ethernet capability?

You mention that the PC is in a cold room - this could definitely have an effect on performance, particularly if there is a lot of condensation.

  bumpkin 19:13 20 Nov 2012

It is not the room temperature that matters it is the temp of the CPU. Take the case off and vacuum it out, be sure to remove the CPU fan and check that the heatsink is not clogged up with dust. I had a similar prob.

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