my pc shuts down and thie message i get is this

  ROB.R 11:22 09 Feb 2006

how can i put the photo of the message on hear ????????????????????????????

  GroupFC 11:34 09 Feb 2006

You can't - what you have to do is put a picture on somewhere like Imageshack and then post a link if you want us to see it.

  curlylad 12:04 09 Feb 2006

Just copy and paste the text here or type it manualy.

  palinka 20:21 10 Feb 2006

highlight the message; right click within the highlighted part; choose "copy". Now open wordpad or word, right click again and choose "paste". Now you've got a copy of the message and you can use the same Copy/paste method to get it from word or wordpad into your thread here.

  curlylad 14:17 11 Feb 2006

Do you still need help ?

If so then do as palinka has suggested and we will know what we are dealing with.

  stalion 19:59 11 Feb 2006

is anybody out there

  p;3 22:36 11 Feb 2006

have you actually GOT a photo of the message, or have you taken a screan shot of it?; if neither, suggest, when the pc closes you write down the message displayed as I suspect you are maybe unbale TO copy and paste it into a word document? also, just MAYBE, IF you ARE having problems WITH getting an image or whatever on forum, you COULD contact the Forum editor to ask for HIS assistance to put it on forum for you?

  palinka 18:16 12 Feb 2006

are you still there, ROB.R.? Lots of people here willing to help if you've still got the problem.

  VoG II 18:42 12 Feb 2006

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