My PC shuts down after 5-6 minute cycle

  [DELETED] 22:40 19 Nov 2003

..It reboots itself and I can sign in and do things until the next 5 minutes.
Could it be overheating? Took out side cover and use my summer fan to cool it. So far so good.

Please recommend any suitable cooling device to fix to the inside so the casing can be closed to prevent dust.Also being a newbie, how does it fit to the inside and power up.

Assistance much appreciated

  [DELETED] 22:49 19 Nov 2003

sounds like it might be overheating especially if it still works with a big fan on it.have a look in your case to see if you can add extra case fans.there should be a round gril with four hole in a square configuration around it.the fan screws or clips to the case and attaches to the standard power you have any software that monitors your system temprature?darren

  Giggle n' Bits 23:04 19 Nov 2003

paste on the CPU die depending on the type of the CPU. I would also check Fans that are there are spinning when powered on and also on the VGA Card if there is one.

Also it could be the HDD but diagnostic software for the manufactuer of the drive would be need to test it.

  [DELETED] 23:38 19 Nov 2003

I've seen on the web some case fans that can be attached to the back slots and looks inexpensive.
Would you recommend them to cool the inside? nd what are yr recommended brands?

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