My PC power light won't come on - totally dead

  CLONNEN 10:15 01 May 2004

My brother's PC was working fine last night when he was playing some games on it. This morning he tried to turn it on and got no response. The monitor's power light comes on but the light on the Tower unit won't come on at all. We tried replacing the power cable with one from another computer but still the power won't come on. Can someone help?

  Gongoozler 10:37 01 May 2004

Hi CLONNEN, there are several things that can cause no response from a computer, but finding which one is causing the problem is very tricky. First check that there isn't a fuse in the power supply. If there isn't, you could strip the computer down leaving only the motherboard with the processor and it's heatsink, the power supply the power switch and the case speaker connected. If there's still no sign of life, then you know the cause is one of those remaining items. Alternatively you could initially just fit a new power supply as the most likely to be the cause of the problem. Before you try this though, open the case, disconnect the power switch connector from the motherboard and short the motherboard power switch pins together. If this causes the computer to power up, then you will know that it's just the power switch that has failed.

  CLONNEN 10:42 01 May 2004

I have no idea how to replace the power supply but thanks anyway.

  Jaxter 10:50 01 May 2004

Hi Clonnen

I experienced the same symptoms a couple of days ago, and was advised to fit a new power supply. I also had no idea how to do it, but went down to our local back street computer shop where I was sold a second hand power supply for £5.

There is nothing easier than replacing it - just pull all the leads out, unscrew the ps box, and remove it, then do the procedure in reverse with your new one. Depending on your computer, you will probably need a 300W or higher ps.

My computer is now running as well as ever, and I hope yours will soon be, too.

  Gongoozler 10:50 01 May 2004

Hi CLONNEN. Replacing a power supply is one of the easiest jobes in a computer. Disconnect the power leads from the motherboard and the drives. Undo the 4 screws holding the power supply to the case. Then reverse the procedure to fit the new supply.

  CLONNEN 12:02 01 May 2004

I've decided to call out a professional as I am afraid of damaging or loosening something I shouldn't. Thanks for your help though!

  Gongoozler 12:25 01 May 2004

Hi CLONNEN. You'll never learn that way ;-).

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