My PC keeps shutting down/crashing, Help...

  Granny. 13:36 24 Jan 2005

My computer has suddenly started to shut down/crash.
It used to do this very occasionly,but since I got Broadband a few days ago, it seems to be happening much more. Is that just a coincidence?
When it happens a blue screen comes up with the following message.

"A fatal exception 0E has occured at 015F:BFF8712B.
The current application will be terminated.
*Press any key to terminate the current application. (nothing happens when I do that.)
Press CTR+ALT+DEL again to restart your computer. You will lose any unsaved information in all applications.
Press any key to continue."

When I press Ctrl.Alt. Del. A screen then comes up for me to go into safe mode, where I can then restart the computer.

PLEASE can anyone help. (I`ve got Windows 98, and Tiscali Broadband.)But in "laymans" terms please if at all possible, as I`m still a bit of an idiot when it comes to technical terms I`m afraid.!!!!

  johnnyrocker 13:41 24 Jan 2005

is your broadband connection via usb? if so and you are as you say running WIN98? that may well be your problem because 98 is notorious for little or no usb support, you may be better off using a powered hub or upgrading to 98SE all of which is irrelevant if the first two questions do not apply.


  yorky925 12:31 25 Jan 2005

I had same problem, it was the case fan not operating properly and allowing overheating, I replaced this at a cost of £4-00 and every thing is back to normal

  plsndrs3 14:46 25 Jan 2005

Re all your anti-virus programs up to date - could be sasser infection.


  Granny. 16:13 25 Jan 2005

Thank you all for your advice,

Johnnyrocker, I`m really going to show my ignorance I`m afraid, as I`m not sure how to upgrade, and, unfotunatly, if it costs much, I won`t be able to do so! Not at the moment anyway.

Yorky925, Overheating does n`t seem to be a problem, but thank you.

Plsndrs3, I use Avast antivirus, and when I ran a thorough check, it did n`t pick up anything.

  plsndrs3 16:21 25 Jan 2005

Would suggest you also run a dedicated program to check for worms - such as Stinger click here just in case


  Granny. 16:09 28 Jan 2005

I`ve been in touch with Tiscali, and they got back to me STRAIGHT AWAY, very impressed!!!

They said that the modem they sent me does sometimes cause problems with Windows 98, so are sending a different type of one out Moday, and they are also going to phone me to talk me through everything, hows that for Customer service!!!

I`m not going to tick this as resolved yet, as I`m going to see what happens first! But thank you for all the advice you`ve given me so far.

I don`t suppose anyone could tell me how I can save this and other threads to "my postings" please....

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 16:16 28 Jan 2005

This thread will automatically be in your postings as it was started by you. Any other threads you post an entry to will also be available in the 'my postings' link.

  Gongoozler 16:16 28 Jan 2005

Hi Granny. This thread will automatically be in your "My Postings". Occasional crashing can happen with any PC, but some were worse than others. Can you tell us anything about your computer, e.g. what version of Windows and approximately how old the computer is. How much memory your computer has could also be useful. If you right click on "My Computer" and select "Properties" you will see in the new box what your processor is as well as how much RAM your computer has.

  Granny. 16:50 28 Jan 2005

I did n`t realise that my posts were automatically saved.(one of these days I might even find my brain!!!)

Gongoozler, I`ve got Windows 98.
a Pentium(r) Processor.
48 OMB RAM 77% free.
File System 32-Bit.
Virtual Memory 32 Bit.
(hope I`ve got that right, as it means zilch to me!)

I`ve had the computer just under a year, but it was n`t new, so I`m afraid I don`t know how old it is.

  Chezdez 17:13 28 Jan 2005

start > run, type 'dxdiag'. this will give you the basic read out for your system on the first page (O\S, BIOS, processor, RAM)

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