My PC keeps restarting over and over again

  annrkey 16:33 20 Sep 2015

When I power up my PC it lights up and the fans start whirring then a few seconds later it switches off. It then repeatS this process over and over again. It never boots up or get to the BIOS. The PC has just been given a new motherboard, new CPU, new PSU and new tower in the last few days.

I have checked all the RAM numerous times and the motherboard is hooked up properly.

The specifications are:-

As rock k10n78 motherboard Amd phenom II CPU Corsair x430 PSU 4 sticks or DDR2 ram Windows 7

Please help. Thanks

  Dragon_Heart 00:49 21 Sep 2015

So it's almost a new PC ? Have you re-installed the operating system from scratch or simply plugged in your old hard drive ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 01:12 21 Sep 2015

who did the upgrade? get them to sort it.

Shutting down within seconds of starting is often overheating or faulty PSU or possible short to frame of motherboard (something trapped under motherboard..)

cpu inserted correctly - correct thermal paste applied? - cpu fan running?

tried the old PSU?

  annrkey 08:26 21 Sep 2015

I had a PC that ran ok for about 2 years and then It encountered the problem I described. So I replaced the motherboard, PSU, CPU and the tower and kept the rest of the componentS. The rebuilt PC is encountering the same problem as soon as I assembled it.

^ I am just using my old hard drive but I don't get to the boot screen and even trying to boot up with the hard drive unplugged gets me no further

^ the corsair PSU was bought new yesterday so shouldn't be faulty This problem occurred bEfore I replaced the motherboard so I'm not sure about a short with 2 different motherboards and 2 different towers The CPU is thermal pasted, fitted correctly and with no bent pins All the fans do spin for a few seconds when I press the power button.

  BRYNIT 09:13 21 Sep 2015

Have you checked the hard drive. As Dragon_Heart a reinstall may solve the problem, I would also scan the hard drive for bad sectors or try another hard drive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:02 21 Sep 2015

Without the HDD it should boot to an error message something like "install proper boot media " or "no operating system found" or pxe boot not found".

Windows is unlikely to boot from the old hdd as the drivers for the motherboard etc. will be wrong.

Disconnect everything (usb headers / HDD optical drives etc.) except cpu and fan , one stick of memory -- will it start and stay running? you will not be able to see anything unless you connect to motherboard graphics rather than a separate graphics card.

  annrkey 13:52 21 Sep 2015

I have tried turning on the PC with and without the hard drive many times and it only stays on for a few seconds. I don't believe I could reinstall windows if I wanted to because the PC doesn't stay on long enough. Just CPU, fan and RAM start up attempt both failed.

the original motherboard and the new one are both asrock k10n78. Does this have any bearing on whether or not the HDD will boot up?

  Jollyjohn 16:06 21 Sep 2015

See this post - click here I suspect your power switch is broken / shorting out.

  onthelimit1 18:29 21 Sep 2015

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