My P.C. keeps re-starting. can anyone help plz?

  sharxx1 23:29 11 Aug 2003

hi and thankyou for reading my message.
for the last 3 or 4 days my computer re-starts every 20 to 30 minutes. i have no idea why it does this or how to stop it. i really am a novice and i don't understand the workings of this machine:-(. i can't associate the problem with any particular program as it happens at any time whatever i am doing. on a couple of occasions it did it before windows had even loaded fully. any advice would be very much appreciated
thanx for your time
xxxxx p.s i am using a AMD Athlon 1.3 ghz, windows 98 and my isp is AOL

  Bodi 23:41 11 Aug 2003

that your CPU is overheating. Open up your case, and check if the CPU fan is working properly. Do you get any warning beeps or anything like that?


  hillybilly 23:44 11 Aug 2003

1. Have loaded any new software in the last 3 or 4 days?

2. "on a couple of occasions it did it before windows had even loaded fully" Was that from cold or on a reboot/restart?

  shortcircuit 23:45 11 Aug 2003


If you want us to need to reply!

  astra1 23:51 11 Aug 2003

is your pc in a hot environment as AMD chips tend to run hotter than Intel processors & it could be that the pc is shutting down due to overheating if so either move it to a cooler room or add another case fan (if you put one at the front of the case have it sucking air in or put one at the back sucking air out the fan will be marked with an arrow showing rotation of fan & direction of airflow) also check that the processor fan is spinning as it could be failing & your processor will fry rendering it usless (can take only a few seconds to destroy itself you could try your ram in another pc as it could be breaking down, do you get the windows blue screen of death giving you a window fatal exception error code if so take a note of it & do a search on google as it could tell you what the problem is, I hope this is some help to you

  s99Raj 23:51 11 Aug 2003

Restarting usually means a power supply failure. Try replacing the power supply.

  sharxx1 07:42 12 Aug 2003

hi everyone, i'm so sorry i never replied to you all but i couldn't get back on pc is freezing all the time now(as well as the original problem) i haven't installed any new soft ware for at least a couple of weeks. Hillybilly..Was that from cold or on a reboot/restart? it was from a reboot. also i don't get any error messages or warnings at all. thankyou for the help and i will try to get back as often as possible to read your messages (as often as my pc will let me ). if the fan is dusty would that affect it's performance?
thankyou very much to everyone who takes the time to help, it's much appreciated

  Bodi 09:39 12 Aug 2003

There are a few things you could try, providing you have already checked that your CPU fan is working ok - removing dust from it gently is a good idea.

1) If you can beg, borrow or buy another memory module or try your current memory module in another machine - that would confirm or eliminate a memory problem. (One way of getting a brief memory check is to disable the Quick Power on Self test - not infallible but a start)

2) You could also, as s99Raj suggests, try another Power Supply Unit - a spare isn't a bad thing to have anyway - should yours prove ok. A larger wattage - say 430W or similar may be a good idea.

3) Another idea is to set your BIOS to default settings and see if that makes any difference.

Hope this is of some help.


  sharxx1 10:36 12 Aug 2003

thanks, i have checked my fan and cleaned it and all is ok there. but i will try the other things you suggested. i will let you know what happens.thanx again

  hillybilly 01:26 13 Aug 2003

the reasons for my questions are that I had similar type of symptoms about a month ago running Win2k. That turned out to be a conflict between cdrewriter software and a certain printer driver. Sounds to me that you might just be overheating, have you been into the bios and checked what temp your cpu is running at? try it when cold and then try again after it shuts down.

Just another thought, what o/system are you using?
my machine has been down half the day due to this "lovsan" I run W2k and have been hit twice today but think I have beaten it now!

  Jester2K II 07:51 13 Aug 2003

sharxx1 is running windows 98 - lovsan doesn't afftect win98.

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