My PC Keeps Logging On

  Lermontov 20:18 13 Nov 2003

When my PC starts up it automatically tries to log on to BT Openworld 56k Modem connection, which I no longer have, going over to BT Broadband.

Then, when I log off of Broadband it logs straight back on again within a few seconds.

All my Internet Connection Settings are set at Never Dial A Connection and I've left BT Openworld as the defualt, otherwise whatever is trying to log on would log onto the Broadband connection eacvh time. At least this way it can't and comes up with the error message 'Port not open'.

I don't think it is a virus (I did have a SubSeven virus/Trojan which I zapped with an extensive list of instructions a while back, I don't THINK it could be that. I have McAfee Virus Scan current and updated and have used Trojan finders in the past.

This problem has only surfaced in the past few days and I can't trace it to any new software.

I also use Spy Bot. The problem appeared before doing so and went away after getting rid of various spyware (thanks to help from this forum!) I keep using SpyBot but it makes no difference.

How can I find out/monitor what it is that is trying to log on?

Any help gratefully appreciated.

  hugh-265156 20:38 13 Nov 2003

i use ntl so not sure about bt but i didnt know you could "log of" broadband??

disable your dial up modem in the bios and remove any previous isp software from your computer via add remove programs.

also check start/run type msconfig

click the start up tab and untick all except your AV and firewall and restart the computer.

  Lermontov 15:26 14 Nov 2003

Think I've resolved this. Ran 'msconfig' and stopped various programs from loading at start up and the problem so far hasn't resurfaced. Could be QuickTime, could be Yahoo Messenger, BT Broadband Help...etc., etc. I don not know! Trial and error at a better time will help me to locate exactly which program. But for now, so far so good!

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