My PC keeps freezing

  Bobby237 21:59 31 May 2004

My PC keeps freezing

I was recently given a PC. Approx spec 400mb ram, 900mhz processor, 40gb HD.
Intermittently when using the PC, it kept freezing. I could not do Ctrl+Alt+Del or do anything other than shut the PC down and reboot from the base unit itself.In the event log in XP, the error message was
'ACPI Bios is attempting to write to illegal IO Port address.' I looked into this further and it suggested there was an issue which needed a BIOS update because I was using XP.
Instead of doing this I decided to format the hard drive, install W98, install all device drivers and start from scratch.
I have done this yet still experience exactly the same problem. I checked the fans and the temperature of PC (in bios) is about 35C which I think should be ok. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be causing this or know what are the most frequent causes of PCs to freeze in this way? It does not seem to be specific to any one application and seems to occur at random. Having formatted the HD, I dont think it can be a virus. There isnt much installed on the PC now so system performance should be ok.

  woodchip 22:02 31 May 2004

See if you can get a new Graphics Driver for the card. Also check that the CPU and PSU fans are working freely

  woodchip 22:03 31 May 2004

You could also try the comp with the side cover removed

  Bobby237 22:09 31 May 2004

Thanks for quick response. Both the fans appear to be working fine. I have the cover off at the moment but it froze only 20 minutes ago.
With the graphics card, I had to download a driver. I used a program called 'unknown devices' to check exactly which make/model it was - ATI Rage 128 Pro AGP 4x. Before downloading a driver, I was using a standard windows driver and problem occuring then. I downloaded a few drivers which I thought were correct from ATI website. However I always get message - 'this is not correct driver' In the end I installed it anyway and seems to work ok. But still getting same problem. Maybe I do need another driver but should problem have occured with standard driver installed?
ps This is now driving me up the wall!

  THE TURPS 22:22 31 May 2004

Possibly a damaged cpu..........

  woodchip 22:23 31 May 2004

The graphics driver is the first thing to check. try this right click on empty desktop\Properties\Settings\Advanced\Performance there is a slider that you can try for troubleshooting see how it goes but I think it's the Driver

  jonnytub 22:27 31 May 2004

click here i think it might be a bios update you need

  User-312386 22:32 31 May 2004

it could be corrupt ATI drivers

I would first of all download the new drivers for it click here Don't install this yet

Now download drivecleaner click here and install this programme.

Then uninstall the old drivers,from add/remove programmes.

Now restart the computer and go into safe mode (to do that start tapping the F5 key at boot up)

Ok next start up drive cleaner in safe mode and select ATI, now click on clean. Next remove all the CAB files, to do this, click on tools and then cab cleaner, then click on clean(this may take some time)

Ok now restart your computer when the above have been done.

Now install the new ATI drivers you have just downloaded.

  Bobby237 22:55 31 May 2004

Have just downloaded drivecleaner. I think the drivers you suggested are for XP - I have W98 on at the moment.
Jonnytub - Think thats the article I looked at when I had XP on. Thats why I formatted my HD and put 98 on, so I didnt have to mess with BIOS updates

  User-312386 08:10 01 Jun 2004

sorry here are the correct ones click here

  Bobby237 13:43 01 Jun 2004

madboy - these are the drivers I am using which came up with the 'you are not using the correct driver' message. I will try doing as you suggest with drivecleaner and then reinstalling these drivers and see how I go. I have also been advised to run a program called memtest to check memory is all ok.

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