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My PC isn't detecting my second monitor

  peklar5 15:21 28 May 2020

Now I don't know much about computers but I try my best to explain my problem. If there is anything that doesn't make sense or I didn't mention something important please say what and I will try to rephrase myself.

I have a PC connected to my working AOC monitor and I have another monitor in my room that I used to watch TV (Samsung T24A550 - LED monitor with TV tuner). I don't really watch TV anymore so I wanted to use this monitor as my second monitor on my PC and it doesn't work.

Working monitor is connected to NVIDIA Quadro P620 graphics card. If I understand correctly it is connected with mdp 1.4 to DP cable and then DP to HDMI cable (does that make sense?). This monitor works perfectly. When I try to connect my second monitor with the same cables as first monitor it doesn't work. I also tried to connect PC to second monitor directly with HDMI cable and also directly with VGA cable but neither worked.

There is nothing wrong with the cables or with the ports on PC or second monitor. When I connect this non working monitor with my laptop with HDMI cable it works without a problem so monitor is in good shape aswell. My graphics card is updated with the latest update.

Now there is one thing I noticed when I have both monitors connected to PC. When I go, on my working monitor, to Display setting and try to detect second monitor it says that the second display is not detected. At the same time something happens on non working monitor because HDMI1/DVI source is detected on the 'source page' alongside with TV, PC and Ext. but it just says that there is no signal. So I guess there is some connection with PC and monitor?

If anyone has any idea how to fix this please help. I will try my best to do as you say and will inform you if it helped or not quickly as possible. Thank you.

  Truffles01 14:45 29 May 2020

Hi you will need to find your Graphics card control panel. I can access mine by right clicking on my home screen and it is usually the bottom option that comes up. You can usually find the monitors setup. You could also try the settings hope this link helps click here

  peklar5 19:27 29 May 2020

Yeah I know about that but it is no help because PC doesn't detect second monitor at all. I can't change there anything that could help me solve this problem.

  wee eddie 19:47 29 May 2020

Where does the Monitor get its power from?

  wee eddie 22:33 29 May 2020

What I should have said is. Are both connections through the Graphics Card?

  peklar5 15:57 30 May 2020

Yes. I mean I also tried connecting it on motherboard but it neither worked.

  Jollyjohn 16:40 01 Jun 2020

What screen resolution is your current monitor? Can the second monitor handle the same resolution? I use an old TV as a second monitor but it is limited in resolution - I often get "Signal out of range" message, so try a lower resolution?

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