my pc has started beeping when i playgames

  daza1511 00:17 07 Sep 2005

my pc has started beeping when playing games it meets all the requirements easily i have pci express intel pentium ht 3.4 gig, 512mb ddr ram 3200 and an ati radeon x850 graphics card with a 250gig hard drive i always check for spyware and defrag about once a week ihave the latest driver for my graphics card my pc is only 8 months old its an advent t9102

  SANTOS7 00:22 07 Sep 2005

There is a suggestion from another forum that it may be related to your PSU, eliminating of course overheating and sometimes when you have too many key configs going on at once your pc can beep at you
p.s. you dont say how many beeps or if there long or short........

  @[email protected]!c 06:48 07 Sep 2005

i have had this playing games before but it only happened when i was pressing too many keys at once while playing the game,just a thought kind regards akanic

  BigMoFoT 13:03 07 Sep 2005

your sound setup? It sounds like (no pun!) that your PC speaker could be involved somewhere..

Have you checked dxdiag? (start, run and type dxdiag) - perform all the sound tests

  ACOLYTE 13:06 07 Sep 2005

It may be overheating and the beeps are the bios warning sensor telling you it has reached the set temp,then again it could be any of the other suggestions.

  woodchip 14:43 07 Sep 2005

Go into BIOS and check what the BIOS is set to beep for overheating Warning

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