My PC has gone senile and lost its' IP Address

  RrichDragon 11:07 12 Dec 2005

I've had to go back to Win98 to try and help my new PC which uses XPSP2. Last Monday my daughter kept losing her MSN connection courtesy of AOL9. I just get 24-04-04-052, 24-04-32-058 and 24-04-13-000 when I tried to log back onto AOL. Their tech support was up to its' usual standard (I got 'cut off' twice because they couldn't comprehend I was using an old machine and couldn't 'download' a patch I apparently NEED to the XPSP2 to give my newer PC a new IP Address.
I admit I'm not too bright but typing "ipconfig" gives me the message ' An internal error occurred contact MS support, Additional Info Unable to query host name'

Am I in good company with my PC and lost my marbles? Any ideas on what is wrong and how to fix it please?
Getting balder by the minute, and the PC is getting closer to the window. Thanks.

  recap 11:30 12 Dec 2005

Try this Command line Prompt, it will refresh all DHCP leases and re-register DNS names

ipconfig /registerdns

  RichDragon 12:07 12 Dec 2005

tried but got following message
"Windows IP Configuration
An internal error occurred: The request is not supported. Please contact Microsoft Product Support for further help. Additional information: Unable to query host name."

Thanks for trying - any other ideas?

  recap 11:41 13 Dec 2005

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you RichDragon.

Try re-seating your network cards.

  johnnyrocker 11:47 13 Dec 2005

in my experience the error you got indicates typo error are you sure you typed exactly as written in the reply (including the space)?


  rods 12:36 13 Dec 2005

Hi Rich,

Im also on AOL 9.0 and can be an absolute nightmare at times.

I dont know if this will help at all but i had similar problems last week.

I kept getting an icon in the bottom right corner continuiusly saying "renewing ip address" and then i would get an error saying it couldnt find/repair my ip address.

When i finally managed to connect to the internet an urgent AOL message was waiting saying click hear to download new drivers for Aol/Modem to prevent not being able to connect to the internet and then had to restart and let it install it self which sorted my problems out,you will definateley need that update if you can still connect to the net as you mention you had connection problems.

PS I wouldnt bother ringing them youl just get a call centre in bloody India who will just tell you everything youve already tried!


  RichDragon 12:43 14 Dec 2005

Tried ipconfig /registerdns (with space & without just in case) but got the same message as before. Have just looked at screws holding casing and either I'm too weak or just a complete i d i o t (spaces intentional) but I cannot get it open YET.
Bear with me while I find my lump hammer and I will eventually get in and see if there is a loose card or 'marble' rolling around in there.

I DO appreciate all of your help but being disabled means I have to approach most problems with a bit of ingenuity (stilson around the handle of screwdriver to get a simple screw out-oh to be young and fit again!)

  RichDragon 15:23 18 Dec 2005

The lad who built my PC has had a look at it (without a great deal of interest) and says I need to start from scratch. He VERY KINDLY put the discs I need to load onto the PC in order and said "he had to go now".
As soon as I inserted first XPSP2 disc and tried to do a partial Upgrade cos my daughters in mid GCSE and has important course work on PC, the disc stopped after a few minutes and a blue screen came up telling me to check hard disk by using command CHKDSK /F ,I'm afraid I cannot even start the thing up in safe mode to get at a command prompt. Has any knowlegeable person the time to help someone who is starting to hate his PC? I'm still having to use my old Win98 PC to access spiderwebby thing and AOL keeps cutting me off the nice isp they are.

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