My PC is freezing when I watch videos online

  trvst 20:53 27 Jul 2013

So for the past week my PC has been freezing whenever I try to watch youtube videos (plus any web player). Before it happens, the video plays for a while - but has no sound. I can still listen to music via itunes so sound isn't an issue there. So I usually press the power button until it turns off then reboot it and start windows normally. After say, 3 or 4 times of doing this, youtube finally has audio. That being said, audio doesn't kick in for 5 seconds in on the first video I try. After this, my PC runs fine and when the time comes to shut down, it freezes again. I have no idea what's causing this.

  northumbria61 11:29 28 Jul 2013

You don't say which browser you are using but you may find a solution here enter link description here

  trvst 19:48 28 Jul 2013

I'm using chrome - and that link doesn't help; Like I said, it's my PC that freezes, not the video.

  rdave13 20:14 28 Jul 2013

Open task manager and click the processes tab. Under options tab, select 'always on top' for now. Move it out of the way of the video. Check processes that are running before you start the video. Make sure you expand the task manager's window as long as possible and view all is selected. Run the video then check task manager for ram and cpu usage, and any other, before it freezes. Continually closing down the PC via the start button isn't good for the mobo. If all looks fine then I'd hazzard a guess that the PSU might be failing. If you have any USB periferals, other than monitor and keyboard and mouse, disconnect them after shutdown. Boot up again and see if the PC works better.

  woodchip 21:09 28 Jul 2013

or you could type msconfig into the run box and under startup tab turn off all programs that do not need to start at boot. leave av etc running

  trvst 10:57 29 Jul 2013

I ran task manager but I have no idea how to judge what's fine and what isn't. Here's a pic I took after it froze - apologies for the crappy quality - so you can see for yourself.

right, I've disabled most programs that were starting on boot. Still freezing whenever I try to play videos.

Additionally, Spotify seems to work fine, streaming audio, it just seems to be video players.

  trvst 10:59 29 Jul 2013

It would probably help if I actually included the link to the pic -

click here

  rdave13 12:29 29 Jul 2013

It could be a codec conflict. Task manager just shows that Chrome is using a bit of ram.

Have a look at this fixit'. click here

  trvst 12:37 29 Jul 2013

Thanks for the reply but I tried that earlier - I'll give it another go though.

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