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My PC enters in Weird restart loop

  Pavlos313x 20:56 02 Jun 2020


My PC enters in restart loop (power on > 2 sec on > restart). The weird part is that it only does it if I initiate restart while I am logged in windows!!!

The story... For quite some time my PC was entering to the restart loop and sometimes it was working for weeks w/out any problem.

After few formats, graphics replacement, cleaning etc it didn't stop. Then new born came, I stopped gaming and using PC in general but this year when I decided to re-enter gaming world, my PC worked like a charm for a month then it entered at restart loop again. I got angry and left it overnight. In the morning I said to re-check it.

It was working perfectly once more. After couple weeks it enter restart loop again and only then I realized that it may be doing it whenever I initiate restart.

And after checking it few times, whenever there are updates or I restart due to a change I did... it enters restart loop. I keep it off for few minutes and my PC comes back up with no problem.

So back to the summary... my PC enters restart loop whenever I initiate restart.

Any thoughts?

Motherboard: GA-X48T-DQ6, CPU: Intel QX9770, RAM: 2x 4GB 1600MHz Corsair, Graphics: GTX-980Ti Asus, Windows 10 Pro

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:40 02 Jun 2020

Disable Fastboot in your BIOS and retry

  Secret-Squirrel 09:03 03 Jun 2020

Pavlos, it's the BIOS that controls what happens when a restart is requested so resetting the BIOS options to their defaults may fix things:

Start your computer then immediately press the DELETE key during POST. When you get to the BIOS options screen, press F7 to load "Optimized Defaults" then press the ESC key to exit and save the settings change.

Try this first because your 12 year-old computer's boot-up time is probably already very slow ;)

  Pavlos313x 12:17 09 Jun 2020


I touch only very few things in my bios usually.

your 12 year-old computer's boot-up time is probably already very slow ;)

My 12 year old PC is by far NOT slow :)

I will try the fast boot option and see what happens.

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