My PC does not start anymore, what shall I suspect

  Dorin 19:17 25 Apr 2017

My PC does not start anymore;when pressing start button,light inside button flashes Amber and that is; used to hear HDD starting to turn and fan of PSU now, nothing.What shall I suspect?

  Belatucadrus 01:00 26 Apr 2017

As always difficult to tell from a distance but the flashing amber light leads me to believe you've got a Dell and that would indicate there's a problem somewhere in the power supply chain, Switch or PSU may be faulty or the connection cable has come loose.

Give more details on what you've got and maybe the hardware wizards can give guidance for a fix.

  Archonar 09:17 26 Apr 2017

Almost definitely a power supply issue, and just like Belatucadrus I would put money on you owning a dell. If it's still under warranty you can ask them to send you a spare power supply, or you can buy one online.

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