Is my PC dead

  Reet 11:52 09 Sep 2003

Yesterday I switched on my Tiny PC as usual and the monitor turned its self off! Thinking the switch on the monitor was the fault I attached the Tiny monitor to my Medion Machine and it worked perfectly. I thought it must be the graphics card so I removed it to see if it had any burn marks. It looked OK

In the night I realised that I did not hear the beep when the PC started up, although there was plenty of computer noise, (maybe that was the fan in the power supply unit) I checked this morning and there is no beep and the A drive does not light up!

Is it dead! Any suggestions before burial would be much appreciated

Tiny PC purchased January 1999, Intel Pentium 11 400MHz, Intel 440 BX chipset, 512 CPU Cache 256 SD Ram, 8.4 GB Ultra DMA IDE Hard Drive (2X Transfer Rate) 8 MB AGP 3D Accelerated Graphics card.

  Philip2 20:12 09 Sep 2003

Try taking the tower to a PCWorld Clinic as the fault you seem to have can't be resolved on the forum as it could be a number of things.PC WORLD might charge i don't no.

  wee eddie 20:13 09 Sep 2003

Is what dead! You still have your Power supply running.

Unplug the PC from the mains. Blow all dust out of the machine. Although it is not recommended I use the blow function on my Hoover with the nozzle about 2' from the PC.

Systematically remove each card and reinstall it. Remove and reinstall all the memory modules. Check every cable connection.

Whilst all these actions appear a bit juvenile, they are (a) FREE and (b) frequently produce a result.

  Kitz E Kat 20:39 09 Sep 2003

"the problem you seem to have can't be resolved on the forum as it could be a number of things"....... HELLO.....
PC World might charge......HELLO......
Members of this forum help people solve the most complex and at the time hopeless situations,im only a newbie,and offer help when i can,

however some of the best brains are on this site, and amaze me as to the knowledge they have and the time they give.....

If you have nothing positive to say, say angry at that post.. sorry..

To quote Wee Eddie ,'lots to try yet'
Reet, try Wee's post can work wonders, also try removing all the cards except the graphics and reboot... It could be something very simple..
Keep posting with the result of your actions for more advice.....
Good Luck
Kitz E Kat :-)

  Jester2K II 20:45 09 Sep 2003

Kitz E Kat - lol - too right!!!

Reet - No beeps but does the Hard Drive light come on??

  Reet 21:02 09 Sep 2003

Thanks folks, sorry for the delay in repling family duty calls. I will try all suggestion first thing tomorrow. and will post back. Thanks again for response

If the monitor "turned itself off" then perhaps it was not getting a signal and went into standby... If there was no beep codes at boot then perhaps (depending on the Bios) the graphic card is at fault. It deoas not need any burn marks to have gone.....

I woud also try reseating the Ram to see if this has any effect and finally, try clearing the CMOS and replacing the battery.

If all else fails and you want to give it a decent burial then yes....try Phillip2's suggestion of PC world...(Heads down before Gandalf sees that comment...)

Seriously, PC World would really have a field day with your machine and try to sell you all sorts of upgrades that you are probably well aware of but dont need. My advice is to avoid.

Gawd typing is getting really awful lately! Sorry.

  wee eddie 08:26 10 Sep 2003

PC World may be a useful solution. But only as a last resort.

When you say your monitor "turned itself off". Did you mean went into sleep mode or showed a sign saying "no signal". Many monitors display a logo on the screen if turned on and no signal is present.

Is it possible to try the Medion's monitor on the Time PC.

  [email protected] 09:58 10 Sep 2003

Tights and a hoover, now theres a combination to bring a tear to your eye :-)

  Reet 11:41 10 Sep 2003

Thank you all for your kind advice. This is what I have done so far:

1. Blew out all the dust.
2. Tried the Medion monitor on the Tiny PC. No joy - same as Tiny monitor.
3. All the leads seem firm and secure.
4. Removed completely the TV card and the Network card.
5. Reinstalled the graphics Card and the modem
6. Removed the128mb ram to Dimm 1instead of Dimm 2

(I installed the other 128mb of ram in my brother?s Packard Bell last week as he had out of memory message and could not use PC.)

Smiffy 99 ?try clearing the CMOS and replacing the battery? could you tell me how to do this please and is it the silver button about the size of an old shilling (old 5p for the younger generation!)It says Maxwell 2032 and has a plus sign on it

Jester2k 11: The start button lights up but the hard drive does not. Is that a bad sign?

Wee eddie: When the monitor is plugged in and the power is turned on it lights green then changes to orange and 2 seconds later it clicks but the orange light stays on. If I switch the pc on at this stage it does not activate the monitor as it used to.

I would really like to save this machine if it is at all possible. I know its not very much by to-days standards but I am very fond of it and it was my first ?Big girls? machine

Thanks again to everyone for your time
regards rita

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