my pc bad problems please help

  dazzlet2004 19:30 26 Nov 2005

hi i have today purchased a new case for my pc to give it a new look the case i got is a 400w power supply and has 2 case fans and the cpu fan running from it. 2 cd drives and it did have 2 hard drives, this is where the trouble starts when booting my computer after installing everything into the new case i powered up my pc and for a while it didnt recognise the 80gig slave hard drive so i turned off my pc and then unplugged the power to the hard drive and back in again and it then found the hard drive but it then made the hard drive catch fire and pop so it is no good obviously.
now i have formatted the master drive and am trying to install windows xp pro but it wont allow me to because it goes so far and then comes up with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. with some other error number codes after such as 0x0000000a and so on.
please could anybody enlighten me to fix this problem as i am in distress over it.
i have looked at the windows web site and they say for this error it is some sort of driver error but this cant be the case as the hard drive was formatted so there is notthing on it so how do i fix this problem PLEASE PLEASE HELP.


  VoG II 19:39 26 Nov 2005
  BurrWalnut 19:40 26 Nov 2005

I wouldn't switch it on again until the 'catching fire' problem is sorted out.

Recheck all connections very carefully.

  dazzlet2004 20:01 26 Nov 2005

i have removed the problem hard drive but i just cant install windows on to the remaning master hard drive please help

  phono 20:14 26 Nov 2005

I would suggest getting the PSU checked, did your hard drive actually catch fire or did it just overheat and burn some components?

  dazzlet2004 20:30 26 Nov 2005

almost certain it caught fire as i saw orange flash and smoke. by psu i assume you mean cpu,why do i need to get this checked as the computer does actually boot up but i just have problems installing

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:46 26 Nov 2005

For IRQ not less or equal then follow link posted by VOG

  dazzlet2004 20:51 26 Nov 2005

that link does not help in my case as there are no drivers or anything on as hard drive was formatted and i dont see any problems with hardware

  phono 21:05 26 Nov 2005

What do you mean by "you don't see any problems with hardware"? During the transfer of components to the new case it is possible that a static charge may have caused damage.

It is also possible for a defective PSU to damage anything that is connected to it, as you have already had a hard disk go belly up, if this was because the new PSU is defective, it is also possible other/all hardware has also been damaged.

This may not be the case but it is the reason I suggested checking the PSU, might I suggest that you put your original PSU in and see what happens, assuming you still have it of course.

  SG Atlantis 21:11 26 Nov 2005

"by psu i assume you mean cpu"

PSU is the power supply unit

CPU is the central processing unit (processor)

  phono 21:16 26 Nov 2005

Sorry missed your earlier post, by PSU I mean Power Supply Unit, not CPU as you suggest.

I have seen lots of computers boot okay only to find they would not install or run windows etc due to various defects such as faulty RAM, faulty CPU, video card PSU and so on.

At the moment I have a friends computer which was misbehaving so at his request Win 98SE was reinstalled after a full format, the install went without a hitch but the computer crashes as soon as you try to do something useful, running Memtest86 shows the problem to be faulty RAM.

I am merely citing this as a case where most people, including myself, would probably think that if it was possible to format a drive and then install windows without a problem then the hardware "must" be okay.

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