Is my pc any gud for what i paid

  astec123 23:43 20 Sep 2003

I just bought a new pc and want 2 know if its ne gud 4 the price
the spec is as folows
1Gb Ram
128mb fx5200
19" monitor
52x32x52 cdrw
keyboard etc
6.1 surround sound
no speakers
120gb hdd

all for £730

  VoG II 23:45 20 Sep 2003

Well, you tell us! Does it work?

  powerless 23:47 20 Sep 2003

No speakers?

  astec123 23:51 20 Sep 2003

Course it works its great but not sure if i got what i paid for!you know.speakers an presently using mu old 5.1 system n thats all i needed.

  Ironman556 23:53 20 Sep 2003

From the spec it sounds decent and not a bad price.

Do you know if the components are branded, eg. Graphics (which you don't mention, FX 5200, Radeon 9200?) the basic chips are all made by Nvidia or ATI (usually), but then sent out to third parties, e.g. Connect3D, Sapphire, who stick the graphics chips onto a PCB and put their brand on it. If it's made by a good maufacturer you'll get good components on the card, a bad manufacturer will sell the same chipset cheaper but use poorer components so you won't get top performance.

It's unusual to get 1GB of RAM for around that price. Can you give any more info?

was there any damage when it fell off the lorry?

thats not a bad price.

  astec123 23:58 20 Sep 2003

chip for the graphics is nvidia i think dont know without the spec sheet not to hand damb bloody untidyness.

The ram is ddr 2700 and the machine was just modified and they offered it for 50 quid and i do quite a lot of us of games and programmes.thought it were a good price so said yes.

  Kilobyte 00:04 21 Sep 2003

astec123 - what make is the pc?

  Ironman556 00:04 21 Sep 2003

just modified?

  astec123 00:07 21 Sep 2003

the make is some place in Northern Ireland called i thinks the address
Price up top wrong its actuall £790

Just modified form the original spec sheet!Ironman556

  Ironman556 00:10 21 Sep 2003

Wasn't sure if you meant modified with Window & lights or modified spec.

Sounds good. Have fun gaming! :-D

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