My passwords are being saved without my permission

  GertrudeLouise 12:39 16 Mar 2018

Using laptop Toshiba L650 running Win 10. Whenever Firefox asks me to save a web page password I always tick "Don't save" Recently I found going to Facebook my page came up without me logging in. The same has happened with PC advisor. I logged in once Clicked "don't save, but when going to the site again I was able to ask a question without logging in. I uninstalled and re installed firefox. No change. I find that I cannot open Credential Manager to check save passwords. I have not checked into my online banking for fear that something is getting access to my passwords. I use AVG Internet Security. GertrudeLouise

  Govan1x 14:36 16 Mar 2018

Is Firefox your default browser.

  Govan1x 14:40 16 Mar 2018

Try options. Privacy and security . Untick remember logins

  lotvic 15:11 16 Mar 2018

If you didn't logout of the site you visited, more than likely the site has set a cookie and it is that cookie that 'remembers' you are still logged in.

  GertrudeLouise 18:29 18 Mar 2018

It does seem to be Firefox which has started saving log ins. I have dug deep into options and cleared them out and said no to future similar activities. GertrudeLouise.

  Forum Editor 18:34 18 Mar 2018

Our site will, by default, set a cookie that will log you in automatically each time you visit us. You can stop this from happening if you wish, by unticking the 'remember me' box on the login page.

  lotvic 16:13 19 Mar 2018

Info to help others reading this thread:

How to view and edit usernames and passwords that Firefox has saved for you click here
usernames and passwords that Firefox has saved for you

  1. Click the menu button top right and choose Options. (Options is also under Tools drop down menu)
  2. Click the Privacy & Security panel.
  3. Click Saved Logins… under Forms & Passwords. The Password Manager will open
  4. click Show Passwords.

To remove the username and password for a website, select the site's entry from the list and click Remove.

You can also untick the box 'Remember logins and passwords for web sites' to stop future saves.

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