My partner cheated on me & I want a divorce!

  jediknight007 23:04 12 Jan 2003
  jediknight007 23:04 12 Jan 2003

LOL, ok, ok. It's not for real but it is happening right now - in The Sims! Does anyone know if there is a way to get rid of your partner such as through a divorce without having to drown her to death by removing the stairs once she's dipped into the pool? Apparantly, I instructed her to make a potion to increase her logic by one attribute and after drinking the potion, she suddenly fell in love with another guy. I was disgusted to clearly witness them both snogging each other and my partner's friendship rating with this guy shot up to 100/100!

Ok, I know that this is stupid but it would be really fun if there was a way to divorce her and keep all the stuff plus the kids and dog! At the mo, I can either just drown her to death, which sounds cool but too cruel and I want her to still be alive so that I can make her life hell. My other option could be to just get it on with her roommate and of course, get 'a bit' of revenge. Good thing that the vibrating bed was invented wasn't it? Maybe I could propose to her as well and end up with 2 wives and then build a room with no doors and windows and stick my partner in there with just a toilet. LOL. I actually did that once. Well, anyone have any suggestions about how to fix my torn apart Sims life?

  BRYNIT 23:10 12 Jan 2003

Go to bed hopefully this bad dream will be over when you wake up

  phatjayunoi 23:12 12 Jan 2003

wow!!!! you take this game seriously lol!! treating it like if its real!! then again it is really addictive though! try fighting with the wife to see if anything happens! ive never been able to do that myself and i dunno if you have but just see anyways! i would go for the getting on with her roomate since that would be very interesting to play lol!

  Pilch.... 23:18 12 Jan 2003

got a bit bored with the sims last time i played it.... might give it another shot, but is their cheats to make life easier?

  jediknight007 23:28 12 Jan 2003

Well, if you have updated all your Sims to Vacation/On Holiday, then there's a trainer which stops your 8 bars going down and you can also reduce your friends counter to 0 so if you have any friends in the game, just keep it above 0 and they will all be your family friends. That's how I got all my attributes up and did every job.

  jediknight007 19:26 13 Jan 2003


  jediknight007 18:17 14 Jan 2003

? ne1?

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