my page is narrower since web page change..why?

  bof:) 09:36 19 Oct 2003

Hi All,

Since the PCA webpage has changed I now have grey (oblong) space either side of my page.

The page used to fill the whole of my screen when it was the old webpage but the new page does not.

I've tried other web pages such as Google and they are still the same. So why does my page appear to be reduced in size width ways?

Any help would be appreciated cos I do have vision problems.


  bof:) 09:37 19 Oct 2003

Sorry, using windows 98se

  johnnyrocker 09:40 19 Oct 2003

i am afraid that is the new design but what might help if you have a wheel mouse is to hold control and use the wheel at the same time should help to make the print larger, i must admit i am not too impressed with the font size either.



  bof:) 09:50 19 Oct 2003

Hi johnnyrocker,

I do have a wheel mouse and have tried holding ctrl down and scrolling the wheel.

This causes the text in the adverts on the right hand side to get bigger so much so that you cannot read the right hand side of them.

The text in the middle of the page stays the same but the page itself does appear to get slightly longer when I scroll down holding ctrl.


  Brazils 09:55 19 Oct 2003

Over the last couple of days, links have appeared on the left making the forum messages appear in a column about one third the width of my screen.

I also have two blank grey strip either side.

Windows XP, Internet Explorer6, Monitor res 1152x864, text size: larger.

I'm not impressed :(

  LAP 10:35 19 Oct 2003

Perhaps the Editor can explain.

  LAP 10:41 19 Oct 2003

I see the Editor is already answering..Refer to thread 'love the speed, don't mind the grey but...'

  SEASHANTY 10:46 19 Oct 2003

If you use a different browser say either Mozilla or Opera you can zoom the text size to 200% which will give you text size of over a quarter inch. Can you not also zoom the text from the view menu? Here using Mozilla and have zoomed the text so it can be easily read several feet away.

  powerless 11:36 19 Oct 2003

View this site @ 800x600 and you'll see it fit the screen.

  hoverman 11:55 19 Oct 2003

I wear spectacles and am beginning to find the small font size a bit of an eye strain, but I don't see why I should have to change my resolution to 800 x 600 every time I want to visit this site. It would be a lot more acceptable if the text size could be adjusted by using Crtl + centre mouse wheel. Only the black dots against the topics at the head of the page change in size when I do this.

  SEASHANTY 16:11 19 Oct 2003

As mentioned above. If you are using I.E.6 browser click on VIEW (top line left) and then click on text size. This gives 5 choices. Click on LARGEST. If this is still not big enough for you then install another free browser. Mozilla and Opera have more options and you can get the text size to a 300% increase if you so wish. This way you do not have to keep altering the screen resolution.

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