My own domain name for email?

  Newuser3068 09:52 12 Nov 2003

Can anyone tell me if there's an ISP who will let me use my own domain name for my email address, as well as giving me fixed price unlimited dial-up access?
Assuming my name is Bill Bloggs, I want to have my email sent to "[email protected]", without the ISP's name being mentioned. Preferably I would also like to rent the domain name as part of the package.
Could you please explain how I can do this?
Many thanks.

  Newuser3068 10:37 12 Nov 2003

Thanks for your suggestion, but 1&1 are not an ISP, so they can't offer me a dial-up account. They say that I can use their Domain Mail service via any ISP but I simply don't understand how this works. How do I "hide" my freeserve email address behind my 1&1 domain so as to be able to have my own domain as my email address?

  hssutton 12:03 12 Nov 2003

I have used several different ISPs, but I still use my domain name. Have a look @ click here. they also host the domain name and divert your emails to your ISP. extremely easy to set up

  Stuartli 13:51 12 Nov 2003

We have the family surname as the domain name as well as the usual ISP versions.

It's collected as normal with standard e-mails.

My son set it up as he didn't like being known as [email protected] - always wants to be first...:-)

Price was about £9.99 for the domain name; it also impresses people as my son has his own website using the domain name.

  Newuser3068 16:44 12 Nov 2003

Thanks everyone for all that advice. I think I must just go for it!

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