My Number One Button Won't Work

  doddsy09 09:47 14 Jun 2008

Help plz i have tried everything that i know and it still won't work also i can't press the exclamation mark aswell the button won't work at all help plz.

  jack 09:54 14 Jun 2008

on what type of Keyboard.
Laptop or Desk top.

  doddsy09 09:56 14 Jun 2008

Ummm Its A Medion Laptop

Need More Info Just Ask Mate :)

  spuds 11:33 14 Jun 2008

I can think of two things.

Keyboard set for American English and not UK English (no exclamation mark, but something else?).

Sticky key or dodgy internal contact (If so, contact Medion or the retailer, especially if under warranty).

  Pineman100 15:12 14 Jun 2008

As spuds said, if the key just doesn't produce anything at all, then it's probably a faulty switch.

How old is the keyboard? They don't last forever, and (assuming it's not a laptop) they're very cheap. Youmight find it easiest just to get a new one.

  DieSse 15:20 14 Jun 2008

If pro tem you need to get a number 1 - then use the (normally blue) function key, and the quasi-numeric pad key.

  DieSse 15:26 14 Jun 2008

and for an exclamation, if you're really stuck - use the Alt key + 0033 on the numeric pad viz : !

And for a one - in the same way lt + 0049 viz 1

  jack 15:31 14 Jun 2008

Under warranty or repair - click here

Or if you have a a PS" socket and you will have a USB socket
A regular Keyboard- for a fiver or so from ant computery out let.

  doddsy09 16:10 14 Jun 2008

Its a laptop and it wont work at all so you think its just a faulty key ?

  jack 17:06 14 Jun 2008

Now it gets worse
What does not work?
Have you tried various things such as Battery - Changing it.
Trying to run it from mains direct

Tell us the full story..

  doddsy09 17:09 14 Jun 2008

My laptop number one button won't work at all i duno why it just don't

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