My Notebook is running with Windows XP

  bernvs 11:47 09 May 2014

My Notebook is an Advent 4211-B 1024MB Memory (not Upgradable), and 80GB H/Drive. Now that XP is discontinued what operating program would be suitable to replace XP and continue running the programs installed. Mainly used for running a modified 'Money Plus' program found a few years ago to replace the original Microsoft one when it was discontinued, also internet searches. Years ago I recall a program called UBUNTU? being suggested but would that be suitable if it is still around? Whatever solution is suggested some guidance on installation would be appreciated.

  onthelimit1 14:41 09 May 2014

With that much memory, an upgrade to Windows 7 is not really on. The free OS such as Ubunto and Linux won't I don't think, run Windows programs. Why not stick with XP - it's not 'discontinued', just that MS aren't producing any updates for it any more. I still have customers using Windows 95!

  rdave13 16:06 09 May 2014

I still run XP on an old netbook. Not worth changing the OS for me. As long as you've updated the last patch from Microsoft (after the discontinued date!) and run a free firewall, AV and things like spywareblaster, Malwarebytes and Superantispyware, use common sense when surfing, then I can't find any reason to change it.

  Peter 18:24 09 May 2014


The Advent 4211b can be upgraded to 2GB of memory by the addition of a 1GB stick of RAM . I upgraded my 4211 for about £15 a few years ago. Also, I upgraded the hard drive to 500 GB. You will need to take the bottom of the net book off, but you may be able to find a video of the procedure on UTUBE.


  iscanut 16:59 12 May 2014

I agree with onthelimit1and rdave13, do nothing and carry on with XP.

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