My norton personnal firewall2002 stop working

  habs 10:12 29 Feb 2004

Hi everybody

Please i need your help. 2 days ago i brought my computer from repair, i installed Norton(systemworks and firewall 2002). Before i sent my computer for repair Norton personal firewall stop working without any reason, i found out on the main interface for Norton firewall it say (Norton is not protecting your system)and there is a RED cross. and all the icons is greyed up. I can't use any icon or change anything.

But the Norton systemworks 2002 is working normally, no problem at all.

Yesterday after i brought my computer from repair i installed Norton(systemworks,and firewall 2002) again,norton firewall works for one day only, then the same thing happened as above.

I tried to uninstall norton firewall and reinstall back in, i couldn't a message from norton firewall popup saying: You have to be administrator, or try to go to start>all program>norton firewall>uninstall norton firewall, the same error message come up.

I went to symantec website i download a software to beable to uninstall norton firewall, i have uninstall norton firewall , and reinstall firewall after restart my computer as i was prompt to do , i update the firewall, i went to norton firewall interface the same thing happened(it say norton firewall is not protecting my computer) and all icons are greyed.

Again i uninstalled norton and install (zonealarm).

I am so sorry for this big message buti have to explain everything.

I have windows XP home edition, 1024 SDRAM memory.

Thank you so much for your help in advance

My kindest regards

  canard 11:35 29 Feb 2004

Some PCA contributors find Zonealarm and Norton work badly together. You could try Sygate click here which works OK with Norton and see if the firewall is the prob. For more technical on Norton you'll need the pundits.

  habs 17:38 29 Feb 2004

hi canard

Thank you for your help i received from you. I kept Norton systemworks2002 running, if i found out that i will have problem with between norton and zonealarm, iwill uninstall Zonealarm and install sygate.

I installed Sygate before i found it a little bit complicated to use.

Thank you again for your help.

  canard 22:38 29 Feb 2004

Hope it works for you habs. I'm no geek but Sygate runs itself OK and you'll pick up the techno bits as you go along.

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