My Nokia 6310i won't connect

  ZZET 22:51 28 Apr 2005

Hello all,why won't my 6310i connect to my pc,even using nokia software????

  Totally-braindead 22:58 28 Apr 2005

How are you trying to connect it, do you have a cable or is it infra red?

  Taff36 06:54 29 Apr 2005

My 6310i is at least three years old but when new I managed to connect using cable and infra red. More recently I swapped laptops and use a bluetooth connection but to achieve this I had to download the latest version of the software and have the firmware on the phone upgraded to the latest version. This involved visiting the local Nokia support centre where they did it in about 30 minutes. Connecting however took a lot of fiddling with settings. If this is your problem I`ll try and remember how I did it or copy my settings on a post for you. Let me know!

  Taff36 07:00 29 Apr 2005

click here Note that according to the site version 4.88 is not compatible with XP SP2 however I have SP2 and don`t have too many problems.

  Taff36 20:05 01 May 2005

The offer is still open. Post Back.

  mgmcc 21:05 01 May 2005

I can connect to the internet with my 6310i using XP SP2's built-in Bluetooth support and the "Standard Modem over Bluetooth link" - there is no Nokia software installed in the PC.

  ZZET 21:53 01 May 2005

Hello again,still playing around with your suggestions.Will get back to you.Thanks

  ZZET 22:27 01 May 2005

sorry forgot to mention it's a cable connection.

  ZZET 21:20 11 May 2005

What chance have i got,can't even get my phone model right.It still won,t connect to pc suite,any ideas please.

  Taff36 11:50 12 May 2005

Have you tried here click here for the manual and troubleshooting links?

Here for PC Suite 6.5 which is the one you should be using? click here

Also how old is your phone? You should be able to check if it has the latest version of the firmware (Internal software)by pressing a combination of keys. I`ll try and find out which one`s later! Then you can check with Nokia that it is compatible but this may not relate to your problem.

  ZZET 16:50 12 May 2005

Thanks Taff36,got the phone xmas.When i try and connect to pc suite with a usb data cable,the pc suite shows the hour glass but forever.I have had it working with Oxygen trial,but just can't seem to get pc suite to work,any ideas would be welcome.

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